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Some Quick Updates

Here are  some quick updates for you lovely souls out there!!

Our Give-away Event Indicator

  • I’ve just added some information at our Give-away Indicator. If you have been following our blog, we did mention that we will only start a give-away event for both our blogs (i.e. nail art decor for this blog and fashion accessory for the other blog) once the vote hit the first 100. So, do vote away if you are interested to participate in our future giveaway events.

Our Fimo Packing

  • We’ve changed the featured pictures for our Medium Cut Mixed-Fruits Fimo in our shop because we would like our customers to see the actual packing of each fimo design. Have already taken the pictures of our fruit feather/thin cut fimo designs but I’ve yet to update them in our shop! I know, I have been procrastinating…. 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our All-Year-Round Discount Coupon

  • Please note that the all-year discount coupon is also applicable for our nail art decors. You can also help us with the coupon design, for more information, click the picture of our current coupon design to find out how. We are glad to be using a design sent to us by a lovely soul for the coupon on 27th January 2013, do keep a lookout for it.

Our Nail Art Design Posts

  • Last but not least, you must be wondering (hmm…well, I’ll have to be positive and presume you all did wonder) where is the post for Part 2 of our ‘Nail Art Practice – Santa Style’ …? Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten about it…and yes, I have been procrastinating and thus loosing my nail art mojo again…haiz~



ID-10072004Okay, that is it for our latest quick update.


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


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Only In My Dreams

Travelling Alone

Only in my dreams….

Yes…only in my dreams that I can see myself travelling alone.

The only time that I am travelling by myself would be going to school, to work or places which I need to be at for certain non-leisure purpose.

I’ve never even been to a movie alone even though I once tried persuading myself to do so, but failed miserably because I SIMPLY DIDN’T WANT TO….. 😦

So, when I see this photo and I really like the scenery.

What can I do?

Well…I can always comfort myself by putting ‘Yours Truly’ into the picture…and tada…I am already travelling…

Everything is in the mind….

By the way, how’s life for you all lovely souls out there?

I hope everything is fine. 😀

Here are some updates:

  • We’ve included a Facebook Like Box at our side bars. Do give us a ‘Like’ if you really like what we’ve been doing in our blogs.
  • Cute Twinkling Love Fimo Page included in our Fimo Collection.

In the meantime, if you’ve yet to vote for a give-away event, kindly do so now because our target is to received 100 votes in order to start a give-away event and currently, it is still far…far…far…away from our goal.

Till then,

Have a great Tuesday ahead!

Cheers & TTFN~

For more details, please check out OUR PROMOTIONS page. 

Sneak Preview – Cute Twinkling Love

Yes, yes, yes…whenever we are able to post a sneak preview post, it means that another 12 designs will be ready pretty soon.

So, in our latest addition, we’ll have

  • 3 ribbon designs
  • 1 star-shaped design
  • 8 heart-shaped design

The above picture shown is the old packing from the days that we were selling our products at and now they will be re-sorted and repacked into our latest packing… yippee!

So, have you already voted for your giveaway event? If not, please vote now…(yeah…I never get tired of this shout-out).

Oh yes, if you’ve been following our blog, you should be aware that today is the first day of our Christmas promotion!!

If you are waiting for the arrival of this day, what are you still waiting for?

🙂 Shop now with us 🙂

Till then, gotta get busy with our fimo.



Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard…been using the same amount of shampoo for so long that I just keep forgetting about my latest hairstyle — SHORT!!!

Yipee! More numbers seen in our giveaway indicator poll, do keep the votes coming in so that we can arrange our first official giveaway event.

Have you already voted?

If not, vote now please.

Thank you!

~ Muahkkkk~

I’ve managed to upload 12 flower fimo designs into our online store and of course, those 12 designs can be found under our fimo collection page as well.

More fimo designs will be uploaded during next week, so do remember to drop in for more updates.

Oh, it is 20 minutes to midnight and I’ve to end my post here because I still need to settle something before midnight (no….I am not Cinderella…although I hope I am…lol…:D).

Hope you all enjoy the latest fimo collection and if any of them does catch your eyes, check out our promotions to see how you can purchase them using the best bargains.

Till then,


Flower Fimo Designs – Work In Progress

I know I am supposed to upload our flower fimo collection during the last two days but I am sorry there might be some delay due to some ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Today, I’ve finally managed to sort out the 12 flower designs and hopefully I am able to upload them latest by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve noticed more votes coming in (Yippee!) at our giveaway indicator poll but still not enough to start a giveaway event.

So have you already voted for your giveaway event? 

Just a gentle reminder for those who are preparing to glitter their nails with pretty fimo or other nail art decors during the festive season…starting from 23rd Nov till 26th Dec, you can enjoy a 15% discount from your total purchases and the discount will still apply even if you’ve taken the bulk quantity bargains of our feather cut fimo.

For example, if you’ve made a purchase of 10 packets of fimo with a total of $5.50 instead of $6.00, you will only need to pay $4.68 for those 10 packets of fimo during the mentioned period!!

Check out our promotion page for more details.

Till then, got to work harder in order to make up for those lost time…


Giveaway Event Indicator

I wanted to do giveaway events, but I am not sure if anyone will be interested in them so I’ve decided to use a poll as an indication to know when to start a giveaway event.

Check out our side bar and you will see one new poll section – CNC GIVEAWAY EVENT INDICATOR. 

We will organize a giveaway event whenever it hits a 100 ‘yes’ vote — when we received our 1st 100 ‘yes’ vote, we will start to organize a giveaway event and when it hits 200, we will organize another and so on.

So, if you, especially our lovely followers, are interested in taking part in our future giveaway events, remember to spare a little of your precious time to take part in our poll.

If you’ve just stumbled upon this humble site of ours, please do take part in our favourite fimo poll as well. Thank you in advance.

Last but not least, the butterfly n dragonfly fimo page is up  and you can check them out under our fimo collection page menu.

All fimo designs are now available for sales and should you be interested in any of them, just click on the picture and you will be re-directed to our website.

Remember to check out our bulk quantity purchase bargain – the more you buy, the less you pay. 

Hope to see you all at our humble little store.

Till then,




Updates – Feather N Leaf Fimo

Woah~ Finally we’ve set the launching day and that’s today.

Do spare some time to pay us a visit at our online store and if possible, drop us any feedback that might enable us to serve you all better.

Here are some updates:

  • At the moment, there are 36 fimo designs sold in our stores, 12 fruits, 12 feather n leaf and 12 butterfly n dragonfly and I’ve added a new page for the feather n leaf collection in our blog today.
  • For our sidebar poll, we’ve also included a new option – feather n leaf design

We will add in the butterfly n dragonfly fimo page very soon.

Till then, hope you enjoy our latest fimo collection page.



Again and Again and Again….

What I’ve been doing…again and again and again…

Picture editing!!!! 😦

This is…hmmm….the fourth or maybe fifth time that I’ve decided to abandon my previous designs and revamp the entire collection.

Just two days ago, I’ve redone all my jewelry pictures, in order to match the background of our website, which I needed to upload to our online store.

Fortunately for me is that with all those previous nasty experiences on picture editing, the latest edition will not be as tedious as before because I have simplified the editing to one file instead of two.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to retake photos for some of the jewelries but since I’ve already packed them, I am just too lazy to unpack them especially when we are rushing to have our online store launched by, hmm…hopefully…mid November…yeah~ happy (but tired…)

I guess most of us would prefer to succeed in doing things with only one try, then again, it is via all those frustrations, aching knuckles or forehead from banging or knocking onto our workstations that brought out the statement “Why didn’t I think of that before?” whenever we decided to enhance/improve whatever we wanted to do.

So, I shouldn’t be complaining eh?

Okay, I will stop the complaining since I think I have finally…yes…FINALLY… finalized on the format for both my accessories and nail art decor…well, at least for now or else I don’t think I am able to have my online store launched by November.

Meanwhile, do check out our fruit fimo and nail art decor pages as I’ve revamped and uploaded, yes…another format…, 12 designs for our  fruit fimo and 5 nail art decor in their latest format.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, I am sure you’ve seen how our formats have evolved…and perhaps you may be wondering why would I even bother to spend so much time on these pictures??

Why not just leave me a comment in this post if you are interested to know and I will post the reason in our next entry?

Oh~ there is another thing, hmm…a bit off-topic here but I wanted to share with you all.

About 10 years ago, I was very much into Japanese comics after watching an animation ‘Hana Yori Dango’ (Boys before Flowers) and started my fan-fiction writing hobby.

Recently, I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed to receive many e-mail notifications about readers adding my stories to their favourite lists and even requested for author alerts.  I’ve finished a few stories in the past but some were still left hanging as I’ve suffered from…sighed…writing blocks!!!!

Anyway, I am still happy to know that my stories are still being read by people out there till today. 🙂

If anyone who is reading this post is aware of this manga/animation title and another manga name ‘Itazaruana no Kiss’ (Playful Kiss), here are the links to the fan fictions that I’ve managed to complete:

Hana Yori Dango

Itazurana No Kiss

Awww…I really missed those days when all those story plots were flooding into my head even when I am sleeping…hopefully I am able to continue with those unfinished ones in the near future…crossing my fingers….

Till then, thanks for being with us and do  have a great weekend ahead~








Designing within a Design

Just last week, I’ve stumbled upon a video in YouTube about people playing this PC game called ‘Mine Craft’ and uploading videos of their playing for people to watch.

Now, I’ve already subscribed to 2 channels just to watch them play…lol… it is always entertaining to watch people building something from nothing.

So, after a quick shower which was about an hour ago, I decided to reward myself with another few more video clips when something struck me really really HARD!

….I need to post…I need to post…I need to post something…

…and tada…here I am…hehe 😀

So, as I went through pictures inside my folder,  I saw this simple nail design from with a sky background and one butterfly fimo slice on each nail.

Since I’ve a cloud background and all those fimo slices with white backgrounds  (I am not going to use them for my online shop anymore…yep, I’ve jumped out of the BOX…if you don’t know what I am talking about, just read my previous…), why not just decorate the background of this design with my butterfly fimo pictures?

Tada~ what do you think?

Does it look like a design within another similar design?

I know…I know…this really sounds very lame…but personally I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this idea, so just humour me a little, will you?

Now, I am going to get back and reward myself with not 1 but hmmm… I guess 3 more video clips?

Nah…I think I may need more than 3….woahhaaaaaaa~

Till then, hope you enjoy this post…


When you can’t fight them, join them!

I’ve always wanted my products to have white backgrounds so that they will look more professional (am I superficial to think this way??) however, due to the lack of skills, proper equipment and environment, I’ve spent too much time re-taking photos and re-editing photos so that they will look professional and yet true to their original self.

When I was trying to edit a picture of one silver bangle with white background yesterday, I took so many pictures using my digital camera and even my mobile phone and after several tries, I GAVE UP!! 😦

When you can’t fight them, what do you do?

Join them!

Yes, I gave in and decided to photograph it with a black background and here’s the result:

After finishing editing this photo, it had given me an idea and immediately when I woke up this morning, I proceeded with the retaking of our fimo slices using a non-white background (usually I will place the product on a whiteboard in order to get the white effect from the camera) and this is one of my favourite ones:

With this background, I don’t have to colour dodge too much just to attain a full white background and I can present my fimo slices in their truest form. The rest can be seen in our Fimo Collection Page. Below is another photo which I’ve taken showing the packing of our fimo using the same background:

What do you think?

Awww….I am glad another problem is solved and for the next few days, more photo shooting to do!!

Till then, have a great weekend ahead!