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Nail Art Practising, Santa’s Style~ Part 1

CNC Nail Art 13 - More Santa

As I’ve mentioned before, I NEED MORE PRACTICE~ and so here I am trying to polish my nail art skill with ¬†more nail polishes…lol…hmm…did you get the joke??

Uhmm…I hope you do…

Okay, as you can see from the above picture, after doing the chubby Santa on my thumb nail, I decided to continue with another 2 more nails using different colours.

Why not all 5 nails you may ask?

The answer is simple, I became lazy…waiting for the NAIL POLISH TO DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ ūüė¶

In order to have more¬†practices, I’ve decided to use the nail wheel so that I can do other stuff while waiting for the polish to dry.

CNC Wheel Nail Art

Inspired by the Chubby Santa design,¬†the basic idea is to have the inner shirt, the outer coat and the belt therefore¬†I’ve painted the inner shirt and the outer coat for all the 18 nails using different colours.

I will then enhance the designs as accordingly using other polish colours or nail art decors. A belt (with different design) will be added in order to keep the style in this wheel uniform.

From the above picture, you can see that I’ve already done 2 nails with the white inner shirt and pink & blue glitter outer coats. The white polish surface is still very cakey but I decided to finish using it before buying new one.

Let’s have a closer look with the following two pictures:

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1A

For the first design, I’ve used the pink glitter polish as the outer coat. I have used the golden micro bead as the gold buttons of the shirt and our¬†clear colour 3D acrylic ribbon nail art decor¬†as the big belt buckle.

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1B

For the second design, you can see that the blue glitter outer coat is a longer one. I’ve outlined the side of the coat with another blue nail polish.

At the top part, we’ve used our rounded green rhinestones (dark green for the core and light green for the petals) as the flower pendant of a choker. The belt is a 2-colour belt¬†slanting down to the side of the hip but I am not too satisfied with the belt because the buckle is not very visible (shall improve in this).

And so this conclude Part 1 of my Nail Art Practising, Santa Style.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~






Where is it?

2012-12-12 18.47.20

Yes…this is the problem that I am currently facing…I need my nail art mojo so that I can start getting my fingers dirty.

Today is the 12th December 2012 ¬†(12-12-12) and in order to mark this special day, we’ve added 11 new items + 1 restocking fashion jewelries into our¬†store. ¬†Alternatively, you can also¬†check out our Facebook page for those newly added products.

After finishing uploading our products, I’ve decided to reward myself with a little pixel art fun.

The above Eeyore the donkey is actually my second ‘creation’ because there is a Santa Claus head just behind this sad-looking donkey…lol…Eeyore turned up to be much bigger than I expected..

I created them by following templates found in the web and personally, I think those people who created them are simply brilliant.

I sure hope one day I am able to create a pixel art without following any template… ūüėČ

Okay, it has been quite a while since I last did my routine shout-out, so

Have you already voted for your giveaway event?

If no, vote now please.

Thank you!

~ Muahkkkk~

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If no, please visit and like us now.

Thank you!

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I am sure one day, one day…I will locate my nail art mojo…in the meantime, if you’ve noticed that I am not updating this blog as frequently as before, don’t worry…I am not stopping…just check out our other blogs..lol…

Till then,

Have a great day/night ahead!

Cheers & TTFN

For more details, please check out OUR PROMOTIONS page. 



Which is Which?

Below is a picture of the nail arts that both my sis and I did when we’ve gotten the nail wheel and the nail art brushes and I’ve almost forgotten that we’ve done these designs:

Are you able to figure who is doing A and who is doing B?

Do make a quick guess by leaving us a comment in this post just for fun sake…okie??

Pleaseeeeee~ Muahkkkkkkk~ 

Oh, I’ve received another comment from¬†katie1094¬†telling me that she is playing Minecraft as well…cool!!! Now we’ve another nail art lover who plays this game and I am so happy to know that I am not alone here.

Currently, I am working on ‘My First World’ and I’ve succeeded in creating tunnels under the sea (Yeah~).

The following picture is the interior part of one of my underwater basements and frankly speaking, I don’t really know where I am heading to, so I just have to keep on digging until I hit the surface area…hehe…

Last but not least, may you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then do continue to be with us, okie?


When you can’t fight them, join them!

I’ve always wanted my products to have white backgrounds so that they will look more professional (am I superficial to think this way??) however, due to the lack of skills, proper equipment and environment, I’ve spent too much time re-taking photos and re-editing photos so that they will look professional and yet true to their original self.

When I was trying to edit a picture of one silver bangle with white background yesterday, I took so many pictures using my digital camera and even my mobile phone and after several tries, I GAVE UP!! ūüė¶

When you can’t fight them, what do you do?

Join them!

Yes, I gave in and decided to photograph it with a black background and here’s the result:

After finishing editing this photo, it had given me an idea and immediately when I woke up this morning, I proceeded with the retaking of our fimo slices using a non-white background (usually I will place the product on a whiteboard in order to get the white effect from the camera) and this is one of my favourite ones:

With this background, I don’t have to colour dodge too much just to attain a full white background and I can present my fimo slices in their truest form. The rest can be seen in our Fimo Collection Page. Below is another¬†photo which I’ve taken showing the packing of our fimo using the same background:

What do you think?

Awww….I am glad another problem is solved and for the next few days, more photo shooting to do!!

Till then, have a great weekend ahead!


Finger feelings…

Woah~ such loving fingers! Love it, cheers!!

LB - With Love

I recreated a picture I saw today on light Friday, I love it ‚̧


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Tag Me!

Oh Gosh! All these time I’ve been busy with our fashion accessories that I seem to have overlooked our fimo and the giveaway events. Don’t worry, they are still in my to-do list, so I will definitely find time to do them in the near future.

I think I need to set a deadline for myself or else it is like never ending and just this morning, I’ve received another two batches of goods from our suppliers. Yet to go through the quality check as I need to finish off the ones I have at hand~ how I wish there are 48 hours a day!

As I was busying with printing and cutting out more tags for our accessories, I was thinking, why not upload a post for our D.I.Y tags?

As we are just starting up this internet business, most budgets are used for purchasing products and of course, a good packaging important even though we are not in retailing. It is not very cost effective at this stage to print out labels in bulk since from time to time, the designs that we need may differ. For ours, this latest tag picture ‘Be with us’ is actually our third or fourth versions.

Without using a laminating or labeling M-A-C-H-I-N-E (Gosh! I’ve temporarily forgotten how to spell this word and needed to check at the dictionary.com…what is wrong with me??), we can still give our paper tag a glossy and waterproof surface and this is how we do it:

  • Choose your preferred design and insert the picture into a WORD document and then you can do the re-sizing inside the document. Use the table function (without any border) to arrange your label and choose ‘narrow’ for the margin in order to optimize the quantity of label per page. In our case, we are able to print 28 labels in one A-4 size paper.


  • If you want your label design to have different colour backgrounds, you can try using a lighter background label, possibly with a lot of white surfaces so that you can just use different colour papers as your design’s background and this can save you the printer’s colour ink for printing the background.

  • After cutting them into stripes, we will use a transparent masking tape (width: 4.8cm) and paste it over the paper. If you are printing your labels using inkjet printer (like us), this layer can prevent the ink from smearing over time and the label will be more durable.

  • If you are printing your designs on cardboard papers, the label is completed after pasting the masking tape over the paper. Normally I don’t use ¬†A4 cardboard papers because they are more expensive. Therefore, I will buy vanguard sheets, which are bigger and more cost effective, and use them as the base for my paper labels.

Ta~da! It is completed after gluing the label onto the vanguard sheet.

This is our latest packing of our fashion accessories using the tags.

With the layer of transparent masking tape, I don’t have to worry about the wear-and-tear around the holes if repacking is needed.

We hope the above tips are helpful.

Enjoy reading~




Today, we are going to share with you how to make a curtain in 1 minute:



I know, I know, a very crappy joke. *dodging away from flying eggs* 

Save those eggs unless they are rotten…okay? ūüėõ

Here are two nice events that I need to be thankful to…


Someone has re-blogged my ‘Everything Happens for A Reason...” post and since this is the first time my post has been re-blogged, I am very excited. When I followed the link, it was an error page so I am not sure how it works. Anyway, this sweetie has a very nice photo blog, so if you are interested, do check it out at his/her blog. ¬†Here the link to their archive.


I would like to thank katie1094 for the above nomination. I know there is something I need to do but I am not sure what I should do. Anyway, will upload another post for this after checking. If anyone reading this knows what I should do, please drop me an e-mail or post me a comment. Thank you in advance.


Now, back to today’s post topic, which is ORGANIZING.

For the past few weeks, I was reading many blogs with D.I.Y and organizing/housekeeping contents and my guilty conscience kept on tapping my shoulder whenever I stare at my unorganized nail polishes.

So, here’s what I’ve done:

It took me two days to finish those rectangular paper compartments. Despite the truthfulness in my baby sis’ comment, I am still happy to see that my nail polishes are having a ‘room’ of their own. (*clap*clap*)

Till then, have a great weekend ahead~


A Disastrous Beginning…

If I am Homer Simpson, I should be crying out, “DOH!” when I did the first nail art on our newly bought nail wheels.

I know I’ve mentioned that I don’t have time at the moment to do any nail art, but my baby sis wanted to try them out and to make things interesting, we decided to have a mini competition, with our mum as the judge.

What we did is to choose a video tutorial from YouTube and compete each other by doing the same design.

The design we’ve chosen is

Nail Art Tutorial Black & White Butterfly Freehand Design for Short Nails at Home

The lady did the design using 3 methods for the butterfly, first with a butterfly decal, then the stamping method and lastly the freehand method.

Since we do not have any decal (which I am so ~ so ~ ¬†going to buy in the near future) and the stamping tools, we painted our butterflies using freehand (yep…using the newly bought nail polish brushes…hehe).

I guess from the title of this post, you ought to know the result…You are correct, it was…


The one with the blue rhinestones is done by my baby sis and mine is the one with a purple rhinestone. As the main part is the butterfly, so I just cropped out the butterfly areas.

So, no winner for this round…*sob*…

No pretty nail arts for this post but do enjoy looking at the other factors in this picture, for example, the nice candles, pretty frames and two cute little skulls…hehehe…

Till then ~ TTFN

Blush And Beauty


Good afternoon everyone!!

Yep, that’s our lunch for today. ¬†Instant noodles for me and apples for my red-neck turtle of 23 years.

What about yours? No matter what you are having, we do hope you enjoy them. ūüôā

Page Updates: Our Fimo Collections


How about Blush and Beauty? I see red and think of bright red lipstick on a beautiful lady and pink reminds me of a blushing young girl. 

The above comment was left by shewhisperswords¬†for our ‘Look! Pinking is blushing…” post, which I truly appreciated ūüôā and so I name this ‘Nail on Paper’ design using the suggested name.

Why is this a ‘Nail on Paper’ design since I did not really draw anything here?

I took the picture of my hand with the Mocha Mix nail polish while the polka dots, fimo slices and rhinestones were applied by using Photoshop editing with the pictures that I’ve taken for our fimo and rhinestones.

So, literally it is just a ‘paper’ nail art.

The pink polka dots represent the ‘blushing’ and the flowers and rhinestones represent the beauty and¬†elegance of a female.

Of course, nail art designs are still best when they are applied on actual nails! I am still waiting for my brushes to arrive and hopefully I am able to post more actual nail designs in the near future. ¬†Perhaps, this can be an alternative when you simply just don’t feel like waiting for the nails to dry. Hehe~

Hope you all enjoy reading this.

Till then, TTFN~ 

Childish Smile

As a name, what do you think about ‚ÄėChildish Smile‚Äô?¬†

(because pink is usually, but not always, a childish color)


Received a comment from CreatingADream for our “Look! Pinky is Blushing” post and decided to do a nail art using red and pink.

The system of my mobile phone was recently updated and I noticed there are some new features in the default camera app. So I took the photo using it and the result is quite satisfying. The bottom picture was the result after using its effect mode.

I’ve used a ribbon fimo and a love fimo to represent a female at two different stages of her life.

The ribbon fimo represents a little girl’s smile, which is by default, a childish sweet smile. The love fimo represents a lady’s smile whenever she felt being loved, a sweet and perhaps a little childish smile?

The above are just purely my own interpretation inspired by the given name.

Hope you enjoy them and till then,