Butterfly N Dragonfly Fimo

This is our fimo packing

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Clouds N Cups



5 responses

  1. like that half-wing butterfly design. that’s cute..but what is fimo? i don’t have any idea. just found that is a cute thing… 🙂

    1. It is a kind of nail art decor made from polymer clay, They came in a stick form and we slice them up as according to the thickness needed for different form of nail arts.

      1. ooo, i got it,, why dont you try for ladybug. it is cute too (actually i like ladybug and my sister love butterfly), but so far i did with my nail just pure polish 😀

      2. Aww…how I wish I can make it…but sadly I couldn’t…they came in the form of a stick and I just do the cutting, sorting and packing..hehe…well, in the future, if I happened to come across any ladybug design, I will let you know… Cheers!! 😀

      3. aww, i got it.

        yuppieee,,what a very nice of you

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