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Flower Fimo Designs – Work In Progress

I know I am supposed to upload our flower fimo collection during the last two days but I am sorry there might be some delay due to some ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Today, I’ve finally managed to sort out the 12 flower designs and hopefully I am able to upload them latest by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve noticed more votes coming in (Yippee!) at our giveaway indicator poll but still not enough to start a giveaway event.

So have you already voted for your giveaway event? 

Just a gentle reminder for those who are preparing to glitter their nails with pretty fimo or other nail art decors during the festive season…starting from 23rd Nov till 26th Dec, you can enjoy a 15% discount from your total purchases and the discount will still apply even if you’ve taken the bulk quantity bargains of our feather cut fimo.

For example, if you’ve made a purchase of 10 packets of fimo with a total of $5.50 instead of $6.00, you will only need to pay $4.68 for those 10 packets of fimo during the mentioned period!!

Check out our promotion page for more details.

Till then, got to work harder in order to make up for those lost time…


Quick Updates

Just a quick update post here:

  1. Included a page containing all our promotion activities. Check them out frequently so as to have a happy shopping experience with us. 😀
  2. Will add in 12 designs of flower design pre-cut fimo on either Monday or Tuesday, remember to lookout for them.
  3. Last but not least, have you voted for a give-away event? If no, hurry do so now.

I am glad to finally see some numbers in our giveaway event poll but still not enough for me to start one giveaway event. So do keep the votes coming in and once it reaches 100, I will start the organizing.

Have a great Sunday ahead!


Blue~tiful & Purple-fying

Was experiencing pain on my back and shoulders after completing my second round of medication this morning but luckily I could still manage to complete another two more colours for our thin-cut fimo so as to divert my attention away from those nasty pains.

From the post title, I think you should be able to guess these two colours.

Okay, okay….I am not trying to create my own dictionary here but when those two words were interfering my brainwaves and kinda pinned a smile on my face in the midst of all the pains that I had to endure today,  I decided to share them with you all and hopefully they can pin a smile on your faces as well… ^_^

Hope you all enjoy this set and do continue to take part in our poll (i.e. if you have not vote yet) and also do read our post ‘Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!’ and let us know if you are interested in the giveaway event for our fruit fimo slices.

Thank you in advance!!


Let’s Go Green~

Finally, I’ve managed to upload the last few designs (at the moment) for our feather cut fimos. You can view them at our blog pages.

Our thin-cut fimo slice catalogue is ready for upload. Yeah!!!

Basically, the difference between a feather cut fimo and thin cut fimo is only their thickness. If you prefer your fimo slice to be as thin as possible, you should choose a feather cut fimo. However, to give your nail art a slightly 3-D effect, you can choose a thin-cut fimo or even a thicker fimo which is between 0.5 and 1mm.

Although the difference may seem oblivous by just looking at the fimo slice itself, it will be very obvious after you’ve put them onto your nails. This is also a reason more time was needed when I was doing the sorting and differentiating them as according to their thickness (Phew~).

I’ve really learnt quite a lot from doing all those cutting and sorting.

Okay, since there is only one colour at the moment, which is GREEN…(This explains the title of this blog)…I will upload it in this post and set up a new page for this section after I’ve completed more colours.

Btw, what colours do you want to see next? Let me know?

In the meantime, Let’s Go Green then…

Our thin-cut fimo are now available in our shop at qoo10.com.sg

Tomorrow I will be accompanying my mother to a flower exhibition since I need to help her with all the photo taking. Maybe…just maybe…I might get some inspirations from those flowers? Who knows?

Okay, I am really glad to be able to post 2 entries today ^_^  and I sincerely hope all of you will enjoy reading them.


Fallen Flower on Water…

My first toe nail art…hehe…frankly speaking, I thought it would be easier but IT IS NOT!!!!  p(-_-)q

Perhaps it is just me, LOL.

Nevertheless, I’ve only managed to apply my design on the big toe while the rest, I just finished them off with 3 light purple dots on each nail (may not be very visible in the picture) in order to match the purple flower fimo. As a matter of fact, I wanted to use a blue flower fimo but then the contrast between the fimo colour and the background colour will be very low.

Initially, I wanted to name it “Water Splash” but decided to change it to ‘Fallen Flower on Water’ since I thought it looks like fallen flower floating on water (been reading too many blogs on flowers…or am I just trying to console myself? :P)

What do you all see? No harm letting me know eh?

So, here’s the result of another of my unskilled nail art:

The upper picture was taken while my feet were still dry. When I was changing water for my red face turtle (of 23 years), water was running down my feet and when I look at the nails again, they looked kinda…hmmm…different? So I decided to take down another picture for comparsion purpose.

Okay, enough blabbering…here are the colours and materials I used for this design:

  • Silver glitter (background), white, baby blue & blue (water) and light purple (dots)
  • 1 purple fimo flower

Hope you are enjoy this humble design of yours truly.

Till then, TTFN~