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Chubby Santa & His Christmas Trees

Yes! On this yet another cloudy day in Singapore, I’ve managed to get my fingers dirty. Since Christmas is coming soon, I shall start with some festive nail designs.

CNC Nail Art 11A - A Chubby Santas

CNC Nail Art 11 - A Chubby Santas

I’ve gotten the above design from a YouTube video. They’ve applied the design on the index finger but I’ve used my thumb and thus mine is a Chubby Santa Claus…lol…

The quality of my white nail polish is not very good + my unpolished skill in nail arts, I did not manage to have a nice & smooth surface for white colour.



Next, we’ll have the Christmas trees…

2012-12-18 13.15.01

I started sketching some Christmas trees on the envelope of my phone bill when I decided to do some tree designs.



CNC Nail Art 12 - Christmas TreesTwo very NOOB designs by yours truly

The first one is an outdoor Christmas tree and the white area at the bottom is..ah…hem…the snow…*gulp*…yes, the snow.  The second one is an indoor Christmas tree.


 I am pretty sure you all would not know they are actually Christmas trees if I’ve not describe them. 

For the first design, I’ve used an acrylic star decor for the star above the tree and some golden micro beads to highlight the layers of the tree.

For the second design, I’ve used 2 cherry fimo slice as the mistletoe and the green rhinestones to outline the tree.

Last but not least, here’s an animation video of two penguins decorating their Christmas tree.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~
Christmas Promotion








What Will Happen If You Give A Group of Children A Bunch of Fimo Slices?


…..Awww….nobody wants to know why I kept changing and editing our pictures….??? 

Never mind, I shall stay positive and wait then….wooahaaaaa~

A few months ago, I was in charge of an one and a half hour lesson for the children. As it was very near to Fathers’ Day, I’ve decided to let them ‘create’ the faces of their fathers using any given materials.

I’ve drawn out blank templates of face shapes and my sis was in charge of drawing all kinds of different eyes, brows, mouths, noses and ears. Other materials like ribbons, stickers and of course, our fimo slices were given to them for decorating purpose.

I was happy to see all the little girls going ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ over the cuteness of our fimo slices and how their eyes would sparkle when I allowed them to bring back the rest of the unused fimo slices.

Without any further adieu, the below are some of their creativity and yet abstracted looking fathers (one really looks like Mr. Potato from the Toy Story):


So, which one is your favourite? Do let me know okay?

Hope you all enjoy reading this post, till then






Designing within a Design

Just last week, I’ve stumbled upon a video in YouTube about people playing this PC game called ‘Mine Craft’ and uploading videos of their playing for people to watch.

Now, I’ve already subscribed to 2 channels just to watch them play…lol… it is always entertaining to watch people building something from nothing.

So, after a quick shower which was about an hour ago, I decided to reward myself with another few more video clips when something struck me really really HARD!

….I need to post…I need to post…I need to post something…

…and tada…here I am…hehe 😀

So, as I went through pictures inside my folder,  I saw this simple nail design from apolishproblem.com with a sky background and one butterfly fimo slice on each nail.

Since I’ve a cloud background and all those fimo slices with white backgrounds  (I am not going to use them for my online shop anymore…yep, I’ve jumped out of the BOX…if you don’t know what I am talking about, just read my previous posts..lol…), why not just decorate the background of this design with my butterfly fimo pictures?

Tada~ what do you think?

Does it look like a design within another similar design?

I know…I know…this really sounds very lame…but personally I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this idea, so just humour me a little, will you?

Now, I am going to get back and reward myself with not 1 but hmmm… I guess 3 more video clips?

Nah…I think I may need more than 3….woahhaaaaaaa~

Till then, hope you enjoy this post…


When you can’t fight them, join them!

I’ve always wanted my products to have white backgrounds so that they will look more professional (am I superficial to think this way??) however, due to the lack of skills, proper equipment and environment, I’ve spent too much time re-taking photos and re-editing photos so that they will look professional and yet true to their original self.

When I was trying to edit a picture of one silver bangle with white background yesterday, I took so many pictures using my digital camera and even my mobile phone and after several tries, I GAVE UP!! 😦

When you can’t fight them, what do you do?

Join them!

Yes, I gave in and decided to photograph it with a black background and here’s the result:

After finishing editing this photo, it had given me an idea and immediately when I woke up this morning, I proceeded with the retaking of our fimo slices using a non-white background (usually I will place the product on a whiteboard in order to get the white effect from the camera) and this is one of my favourite ones:

With this background, I don’t have to colour dodge too much just to attain a full white background and I can present my fimo slices in their truest form. The rest can be seen in our Fimo Collection Page. Below is another photo which I’ve taken showing the packing of our fimo using the same background:

What do you think?

Awww….I am glad another problem is solved and for the next few days, more photo shooting to do!!

Till then, have a great weekend ahead!


The Whole World at Your Fingertips

Wanted to re-blog this when I saw it a few months ago and I see it again. Yeah~ Love it!!  Hope you all enjoy this!

The internet is bursting with various different nail art techniques, but none quite mach up to these…

These are created by Alice Bartlett  a computer coder from London. She made these mini landscapes from various peices of a model railway set.

Thinking they’d make intresting photos she set it up on one hand whilst taking photos with the other. After she was done she stuck the minitures around her house as little surprises for visitors.

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Inspiring Blog Award

Finally, I’ve the time and brain juice to draft out this official thank-you post for getting the nomination. If I am doing  it correctly,  the to-do list after getting nominated would be as follow:

  1. Thank the nominator
  2. List down 7 fun facts about us
  3. List down another 15 blogs that inspire us

Thank you very much to Katie1094 for this nomination. MUAHKKK~

Through her blog she will share with you her thoughts, opinions, and love for creativity, Hello Kitty, and all things geeky. So, do give her blog a visit. Cheers!!

  • We are from Singapore, the small little red dot on the world map.
  • My baby sis and I are twelve years apart and most of the time, even till today,  I was being mistaken for her mother instead. Just a few days before:

 Courier Man: Are you S? 

Me:  No.

Courier Man: Can I pass this to you instead?

Me: Sure.

Courier Man: Are you her mother?

Me: ….NO!!!

  • My baby sis became a probation officer after graduating from Uni. As she is very much a petite lady, her probationers always had this feeling that they were being lectured by a little girl instead.
  • Although I’ve  graduated with an “Electronic and Computer Engineering” diploma, I’ve spent the last 12 years in a trading firm handling issues that were non-engineering related and another 3 years in the enrichment industry.
  • Both my brother and sister can draw and sing very well, but I just can’t!!!  So sometimes I am really doubting the origin of my birth if not for the strong resemblance to my father.  **Sob**
  • I don’t know why but my students would always say, “Teacher, why are you so funny?” even when I was in the midst of scolding them.
  • Last but not least (Phew…finally…), despite my illness has deprived me of working outside, I am glad it has opened another door for me to see this world in another perspective. Everything happens for a reason! Cheers!!


Without further adieu, the following are the 15 blogs that truly inspired me:

– It always bring a smile to my face to see the cute Nosebody in action!

 – Love all her food posts, they always make my tummy rumble!

– If you are a bento lover, you must definitely visit this blog!

– What is the definition of a supermom? Check out this blog and perhaps you can be one too! I don’t think I can, but love reading it anyway. Cheers!!

Interested in nail arts, running out of nail design or don’t know what nail colours to use? Then make a trip to her world of colours and glitters!! 

– This Poet, traveler, photo blogger will keep you informed about life in Soho NYC, Los Angeles, California and Surround Cities and Countries that the blogger visits.

– She’s  currently using this blog to do the 365 Photography challenge – basically a photo a day for a year. 

– Check this blog out if you are interested in health issues. 

– It’s their goal to show you that beauty can be everywhere.

– This lady likes to wander aimlessly on the internet and find awesome or strange pictures!!

– It’s kind of a fashion and lifestyle blog, but also anything in between that catches her fancy.

– This is a site for Beauty and Fashion tips where she will post her reviews of products, spills her beauty and fashion tips and secrets and where you can even recommend topics!

– She enjoys nature photography as well as natural light portaiture in addition to anything sports related.

– Nice photos and quotes in this blog, enjoy your stay there!!

– Her passion is crochet and photography, but she also loves to cook, make cards, knit – basically anything crafty! 

Have fun reading the above blogs!

Cheers and TTFN~


Love it whenever I hear the nice post lady’s calling…an indication that my stuffs are here to stay!!!

My nail polish brushes and nail wheels arrived just two days ago, and in good condition. Happy~ However, I don’t have the time to do any nail design yet since I am still busy with other stuffs, so do be patient and still be with us, okay?

It seems that the poll section in the dash board is gone and I am not sure why, another bug perhaps? Anyway, please do take part in our poll (at the side bar) if you’ve already stumbled upon this humble blog of ours. Thank you!!

Today is Saturday and thanks to the caffeine in my morning coffee, I’ve managed to update our ‘Be with us’ page.

Please enjoy them.

Till then~ Cheers!!


Fimo Catalogue Updated

We’ve updated our feather cut fimo designs and another 12 more designs to go before moving on to our thin-cut fimo slices.

Finally, I’ve seen more voters taking part in our poll, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE KIND SOULS OUT THERE~ MUAHHKKKKKK!!!!

It seems that cartoon designs  are a more popular choice huh? So, I should be starting to source for more cartoon fimo designs (so exciting!!).

Okay, gotta get busy busy busy~


A Very Simple Nail Art Design

I’ve mentioned earlier that my aunt came for a visit during two weeks ago and I did a simple nail design (well, simple is the only thing  I can do so far, lol) and I simply love glitter colours at this stage because the glitter colours are good for covering up the flaws on the uneven french tips (LOL). I know, I needed more practising…hehee…so, here’s the result:

I did alternate designs with a flower fimo + line dots on 3 fingers and only 2 simple rhinestones on 2 fingers so they won’t fall off easily due to all the washing and cooking in the later part of the day. The reason I chose red rhinestones was because her toe nails were already painted in red hehee…

  • Colours used: White, red, sliver glitter and pink glitter.
  • Fimo used: Orange Flower (6 pcs)
  • Rhinestone used: 2mm round red rhinestone (8 pcs)

Gotta get back to more fimo cutting and sorting.

Will upload more designs when they are ready, so do stay tuned for more…


Fly! Butterfly, Fly!!

Previously, I did a fimo art on my mobile phone casing (Do check out Fimo Art Design) and today I’ve decided to try using some butterfly fimos to create a simple mobile phone accessory.

Here’s the result:

This is just a very simple design because this happens to be my first try in making a mobile phone accessory. The materials used are:

  • 6 butterfly fimo (thick ones) and 2 feather fimo (thick ones).
  • 1 acrylic round bead and 1 acrylic crystal bead
  • 1 very thin fishing line
  • White glue
  • 1 mobile phone accessory string holder

What I’ve done to secure the fimo slices onto the fishing line was to glue two fimo slices together with the line in between. Initially, I was not sure if it is workable but luckily the fimo slices seemed to work well with white glue (yeah~) and I am glad I’ve found another method to recycle those fimo slices which are too thick to stay on our nails.

Till then, TTFN~