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Some Quick Updates

Here are  some quick updates for you lovely souls out there!!

Our Give-away Event Indicator

  • I’ve just added some information at our Give-away Indicator. If you have been following our blog, we did mention that we will only start a give-away event for both our blogs (i.e. nail art decor for this blog and fashion accessory for the other blog) once the vote hit the first 100. So, do vote away if you are interested to participate in our future giveaway events.

Our Fimo Packing

  • We’ve changed the featured pictures for our Medium Cut Mixed-Fruits Fimo in our shop because we would like our customers to see the actual packing of each fimo design. Have already taken the pictures of our fruit feather/thin cut fimo designs but I’ve yet to update them in our shop! I know, I have been procrastinating…. ūüė¶

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our All-Year-Round Discount Coupon

  • Please note that the all-year discount coupon is also applicable for our nail art decors. You can also help us with the coupon design, for more information, click the picture of our current coupon design to find out how. We are glad to be using a design sent to us by a lovely soul for the coupon on 27th January 2013, do keep a lookout for it.

Our Nail Art Design Posts

  • Last but not least, you must be wondering (hmm…well, I’ll have to be positive and presume you all did wonder) where is the post for Part 2 of our ‘Nail Art Practice – Santa Style’ …?¬†Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten about it…and yes, I have been¬†procrastinating and thus loosing my nail art mojo again…haiz~



ID-10072004Okay, that is it for our latest quick update.


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


All cute and lovely pictures found in this post are downloaded from FreeDigitalPhotos.net



Nail Art Practising, Santa’s Style~ Part 1

CNC Nail Art 13 - More Santa

As I’ve mentioned before, I NEED MORE PRACTICE~ and so here I am trying to polish my nail art skill with ¬†more nail polishes…lol…hmm…did you get the joke??

Uhmm…I hope you do…

Okay, as you can see from the above picture, after doing the chubby Santa on my thumb nail, I decided to continue with another 2 more nails using different colours.

Why not all 5 nails you may ask?

The answer is simple, I became lazy…waiting for the NAIL POLISH TO DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ ūüė¶

In order to have more¬†practices, I’ve decided to use the nail wheel so that I can do other stuff while waiting for the polish to dry.

CNC Wheel Nail Art

Inspired by the Chubby Santa design,¬†the basic idea is to have the inner shirt, the outer coat and the belt therefore¬†I’ve painted the inner shirt and the outer coat for all the 18 nails using different colours.

I will then enhance the designs as accordingly using other polish colours or nail art decors. A belt (with different design) will be added in order to keep the style in this wheel uniform.

From the above picture, you can see that I’ve already done 2 nails with the white inner shirt and pink & blue glitter outer coats. The white polish surface is still very cakey but I decided to finish using it before buying new one.

Let’s have a closer look with the following two pictures:

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1A

For the first design, I’ve used the pink glitter polish as the outer coat. I have used the golden micro bead as the gold buttons of the shirt and our¬†clear colour 3D acrylic ribbon nail art decor¬†as the big belt buckle.

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1B

For the second design, you can see that the blue glitter outer coat is a longer one. I’ve outlined the side of the coat with another blue nail polish.

At the top part, we’ve used our rounded green rhinestones (dark green for the core and light green for the petals) as the flower pendant of a choker. The belt is a 2-colour belt¬†slanting down to the side of the hip but I am not too satisfied with the belt because the buckle is not very visible (shall improve in this).

And so this conclude Part 1 of my Nail Art Practising, Santa Style.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~





Designing within a Design

Just last week, I’ve stumbled upon a video in YouTube about people playing this PC game called ‘Mine Craft’ and uploading videos of their playing for people to watch.

Now, I’ve already subscribed to 2 channels just to watch them play…lol… it is always entertaining to watch people building something from nothing.

So, after a quick shower which was about an hour ago, I decided to reward myself with another few more video clips when something struck me really really HARD!

….I need to post…I need to post…I need to post something…

…and tada…here I am…hehe ūüėÄ

So, as I went through pictures inside my folder,  I saw this simple nail design from apolishproblem.com with a sky background and one butterfly fimo slice on each nail.

Since I’ve a cloud background and all those fimo slices with white backgrounds ¬†(I am not going to use them for my online shop anymore…yep, I’ve jumped out of the BOX…if you don’t know what I am talking about, just read my previous posts..lol…), why not just decorate the background of this design with my butterfly fimo pictures?

Tada~ what do you think?

Does it look like a design within another similar design?

I know…I know…this really sounds very lame…but personally I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this idea, so just humour me a little, will you?

Now, I am going to get back and reward myself with not 1 but hmmm… I guess 3 more video clips?

Nah…I think I may need more than 3….woahhaaaaaaa~

Till then, hope you enjoy this post…


A Disastrous Beginning…

If I am Homer Simpson, I should be crying out, “DOH!” when I did the first nail art on our newly bought nail wheels.

I know I’ve mentioned that I don’t have time at the moment to do any nail art, but my baby sis wanted to try them out and to make things interesting, we decided to have a mini competition, with our mum as the judge.

What we did is to choose a video tutorial from YouTube and compete each other by doing the same design.

The design we’ve chosen is

Nail Art Tutorial Black & White Butterfly Freehand Design for Short Nails at Home

The lady did the design using 3 methods for the butterfly, first with a butterfly decal, then the stamping method and lastly the freehand method.

Since we do not have any decal (which I am so ~ so ~ ¬†going to buy in the near future) and the stamping tools, we painted our butterflies using freehand (yep…using the newly bought nail polish brushes…hehe).

I guess from the title of this post, you ought to know the result…You are correct, it was…


The one with the blue rhinestones is done by my baby sis and mine is the one with a purple rhinestone. As the main part is the butterfly, so I just cropped out the butterfly areas.

So, no winner for this round…*sob*…

No pretty nail arts for this post but do enjoy looking at the other factors in this picture, for example, the nice candles, pretty frames and two cute little skulls…hehehe…

Till then ~ TTFN

Childish Smile

As a name, what do you think about ‚ÄėChildish Smile‚Äô?¬†

(because pink is usually, but not always, a childish color)


Received a comment from CreatingADream for our “Look! Pinky is Blushing” post and decided to do a nail art using red and pink.

The system of my mobile phone was recently updated and I noticed there are some new features in the default camera app. So I took the photo using it and the result is quite satisfying. The bottom picture was the result after using its effect mode.

I’ve used a ribbon fimo and a love fimo to represent a female at two different stages of her life.

The ribbon fimo represents a little girl’s smile, which is by default, a childish sweet smile. The love fimo represents a lady’s smile whenever she felt being loved, a sweet and perhaps a little childish smile?

The above are just purely my own interpretation inspired by the given name.

Hope you enjoy them and till then,



Nail Patch/Sticker – When Time Is Simply Not Enough…

Latest promotion: Buy 2 get 1 free

You can visit http://list.qoo10.com.sg/g/405438334 for more details on purchasing this item.

Thank you.

~ TTFN ~


When TIME is the ONLY thing that¬†one cannot afford to waste, what¬†will you do when¬†your mind is still blank and your¬†nails won’t say yes to only nail polish? (Angry Nail 1:¬†I need designs!!!)

A good solution might be…to invent a time machine that can freeze time¬†or simply¬†just using…NAIL PATCH.

For those¬†who are new to this item,¬†nail patch is very similar to stickers (don’t we just love stickers? Even¬†when I¬†am already¬†a full-grown adult..ha~and you thought¬†I am¬†going to¬†say out¬†my age?? nah…), the only difference is that they are meant to be on our nails and not on some sticker albums or the bed dashboard (hmmm…those ‘Chun Li’¬†stickers from streetfighters¬†are still on mine…oh…how time flies…¬†:P)

They come in all sort of designs so the only thing you need to do is to choose.

One of the advertisement gimmick lines¬†for this product is “Get your nails done in just 5¬†minutes!”¬†, well perhaps¬†true for those really really really (did¬†I already say¬†‘really’?) professional ones but definitely¬†not¬†for first-timers, unless you are really good at¬†arts and¬†crafts.


In order to prove that this is a user-friendly product, as a newbie myself (crossing my¬†heart),¬†I’ve taken¬†the liberty to try out our Citrus Circles design on my baby sister. Here’s the result.

How is it?

Of course, 5 minutes is quite impossible but hey, I took only around 10 to 15 minutes, which is considered quite time-saving comparing to putting those fimos on. I am sure if I keep on trying, 5 minutes may be possible for me too. If you would like to share your experiences with us, don’t hesitate to leave your reply/comment for this post. My eyes are open to read all about them. Hee~

You can put on a layer of top coat on them after you’re done so that they can be more lasting.

Here are 3 of our favourites:


As two designs (Citrus Circus & Wild Fusion 2 ) are currently out of stock, there are 8 designs currently available at the moment.


Have a great day ahead!


Don’t be Blue, Stay Cute…

Blue is one of my favourite colours and thus I decided to try out two blue colours on my nails. Unfortunately, besides painting my nails blue (x3), my mood was painted blue as well.

It was the day I FINALLY realised why those previous few nail designs were getting small lumps after applying the top coat polish.

The reason is simple…



Did you see the ‘x3’?

Yes, it took me 3 tries….why?


Sad…now, I’ve no more usable top coat polish¬†BUT I am just¬†tooooooooo lazy to go and get one.

Must get one soon….must get one soon…..

How ironic life can be sometimes, wanted a cute and¬†simple¬†design¬†and yet, giving me blue moods because of it….anyway, here’s the outcome from this ironic¬†learning experience:

Can you notice the uneven surface?  Trust me, that was the best I could with THE CONTAMINATED TOP COAT..(*sob*sob*).

No top coat polish applied to the other 4 nails since I was convinced that they looked nicer without it.

By the way, did you also notice two tiny round blobs?¬†They used to be two sparkling light blue 2mm rhinestones but after 3 tries,¬†they became¬†two blobs (*sob*sob*)….poor rhinestones…don’t be sad…you still rock, even as a blob!!!

Material used:

  • Colour – Baby Blue, Blue & Silver glitter
  • Nail Art Decor – 1 thick-cut pink ribbon fimo and yes,¬†two 2mm light blue rhinestones (*Sob*)



Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!

As I was checking the poll for the preferred fimo designs, I noticed that nobody selects “fruit”.¬†So, I took the liberty to search for some fruit nail ¬†arts from the Pinterest and found some designs to share with you all. These designs belonged to their respective creators and hopefully I am able to upload another nail design using fruits fimo done by myself.Also, I’ve found some fashion accesories (from Pinterest)¬†made out of fruit fimo and they are super cool! How I wish I can create those nice accessories in the near future..tsk…tsk…so many things to learn, so many things to practise, so many things to do….gosh…anyway, here’s the picture of the compliation and yes, they all belonged to their respective creator(s) (whom I really envy… ^_^).

If you like to read more of these compliation on other fimo nail designs, do let me know.

Last but not least, I decided to organise a giveaway event for our fruit fimo slices. I know we can easily purchase any fruit fimo canes on websites and they are really nothing new. However, as I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, all the fimo slices are cut, sorted, packed with all my heart, hoping to see more smiles than frowns on the faces of all our valued customers.

As a matter of¬†fact, my sister told¬†not to continue with this fimo merchandise and to concentrate on other nail art decorations instead since it is really an¬†effort and time consuming task. But…but…I really do enjoy the entire process and whenever I¬†would feel¬†good whenever I¬†am able to update my fimo catalogue.

There is a saying “No pain, No gain” right?

So, is the fruit fimo giveaway a good idea? Do let me know. If the response is positive, I shall save some of our fruit fimo slices (feather cut, thin cut and thick cut) for the giveaway and hopefully those who will receive the fimo slices are able to do a design and e-mail them to me so that I can upload them in the blog.

Well, let me know okay?

Here are the coming updates for the next few posts:

  • The last 12 designs for the feather cut fimo are finally ready and¬†I am¬†now doing the sorting and packing¬†for¬†the thin cut fimo. Since most designs for thin cut fimo¬†are¬†a repetitive of the the feather cut, I decided to sort them¬†out in¬†term of their colours so as to present you all with different views/perspective. Currently I’ve finished sorting out the green ones and will upload them together with the last 12¬†feather¬†cut designs. If possible, I will try to sort and¬†pack another¬†colour, hopefully to upload them together.
  • I’ve done¬†another nail art design using two¬†type of blue colours and 1 thick-cut fimo¬†during last week. Will upload¬†the design up soon.
  • Possible¬†fruit fimo giveaway? It is entirely up to you all to decide, so let me know¬†whether it is feasible by leaving¬†a comment¬†for this post. Thank you in advance!!

In the meantime, do enjoy the pictures !!


A Very Simple Nail Art Design

I’ve mentioned earlier that my aunt came for a visit during two weeks ago and I did a simple nail design (well, simple is the only thing¬† I can do so far, lol) and I simply love glitter colours at this stage because the glitter¬†colours are good for¬†covering up the flaws on the uneven french tips (LOL). I know, I needed more practising…hehee…so, here’s the result:

I did alternate designs with a flower fimo +¬†line dots¬†on 3 fingers and only 2 simple rhinestones on 2 fingers so¬†they won’t fall off easily due to all the washing and cooking in the later part of the day. The reason I chose red rhinestones was because her toe nails were already painted in red hehee…

  • Colours used: White, red, sliver glitter and pink glitter.
  • Fimo used: Orange Flower (6 pcs)
  • Rhinestone used: 2mm round red rhinestone (8 pcs)

Gotta get back to more fimo cutting and sorting.

Will upload more designs when they are ready, so do stay tuned for more…


Pinky and the Thumb

Pinky and the thumb are the two big challenges for me because one is too SMALL and the other is too BIG. Thus, more effort is needed. In order to conquer this obstacle of mine, I’ve decided to practise more.

For my left thumb, I decided to do a collage of fimo slices because there was once I saw a collage design and wanted to do it one day and tada…today is the day. Alas, it is not as easy as I thought it may seem especially the part where I needed to wait for the top coat to dry up before putting more fimo slices on. I was just being too impatient!

For my left pinky, I just did a simple design with a metalic butterfly decor.

Here are the result of today’s practise:

Done on: 28th May 2012

For the collage, I’ve used flowers, fruits, feather, leaf and butterfy fimos plus¬†many layers of top coat (Oh gosh!) as for the pinky,¬†the materials¬†used:

  • Nail polish –¬†Midnight blue, white & silver glitter
  • Nail decor – Golden metalic butterfly

I will try to redo a collage design in the future as I am not too satisfied with this one, in meantime, I will have to practise cutting up really thin slices.

I hope you all will enjoy this post.