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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It…

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog and our last post was actually a re-blog (which is worth sharing) on 18th Feb 2013.

Well, just wanting to share with you lovely souls some events about our nail art decor, which is supposedly to be one of the intentions of this blog, but I guess we’ve been off the track a little…LOL…but never mind, I am still enjoying all these and I hope you do as well.

First thing first, if you’re interested in a give-away event, do cast a vote at our give-away indicator poll…83 more votes to go…. ūüėÄ

In January, we’ve received some orders from our online store which is listed in Qoo10.com.sg and we felt really excited when one lovely lady decided to try out our nail art decor instead of the Nail Patch.

It is always nice to know that some people out there are willing to give us a chance in the midst of this competitive business. 

We are glad that the lovely soul is happy with our product and service. The comment that she has left us really gave us the motivation to want to continue in moving towards this direction for our nail art fimo/decor even though it means more works are needed to be done in the future.

Like what Napoleon Hill  quoted: 

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”

As we are in the midst of revamping all our jewelry accessories display photos (this would explain the drastically decrease in the products for our jewelry accessories section), we’ve decided to re-vamp our fimo/nail art decor display photo as well.

If you’re also following our other blog – Clouds N Cups, Share With Us – you should have already seen the new display format for our jewelry accessories.

As for our nail art decor/fimo, I’ve decided to go on another¬†approach by emphasizing on our selling point — Our Individual Packing For Each Item and we would like to share with you our latest display format (a general one) for our nail art decor:

Other Nail Art Decor (E6D54A)

We do hope with a better look of what you are going to pay for;

you may feel assured of you will be getting.

Do pay us a visit at Clouds N Cups and let us have a chance to be at your service.

Till then,

Have a great week ahead!

Cheers & TTFN~ ūüėÄ

Pre-cut Fimo

Other Nail Art Decor

My baby sis showed me this comic strip once before I started blogging and ¬†I am glad to ‘reunite’ with it via one blog, so I’ve decided to do a re-blog to share with you all.

Are you happy? 

If you are happy and you know it

Do clap your hands and give yourself a big CHEERS!


Hope you all enjoy this re-blog!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~

Yelling Quietly

It always seems that we think we would be happier if we were in different circumstances, but chances are the thing we desire to be probably also desires to be something else too. Being happy in your own company is a huge accomplishment.

We Are Never Happy


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Some Quick Updates

Here are  some quick updates for you lovely souls out there!!

Our Give-away Event Indicator

  • I’ve just added some information at our Give-away Indicator. If you have been following our blog, we did mention that we will only start a give-away event for both our blogs (i.e. nail art decor for this blog and fashion accessory for the other blog) once the vote hit the first 100. So, do vote away if you are interested to participate in our future giveaway events.

Our Fimo Packing

  • We’ve changed the featured pictures for our Medium Cut Mixed-Fruits Fimo in our shop because we would like our customers to see the actual packing of each fimo design. Have already taken the pictures of our fruit feather/thin cut fimo designs but I’ve yet to update them in our shop! I know, I have been procrastinating…. ūüė¶

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our All-Year-Round Discount Coupon

  • Please note that the all-year discount coupon is also applicable for our nail art decors. You can also help us with the coupon design, for more information, click the picture of our current coupon design to find out how. We are glad to be using a design sent to us by a lovely soul for the coupon on 27th January 2013, do keep a lookout for it.

Our Nail Art Design Posts

  • Last but not least, you must be wondering (hmm…well, I’ll have to be positive and presume you all did wonder) where is the post for Part 2 of our ‘Nail Art Practice – Santa Style’ …?¬†Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten about it…and yes, I have been¬†procrastinating and thus loosing my nail art mojo again…haiz~



ID-10072004Okay, that is it for our latest quick update.


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


All cute and lovely pictures found in this post are downloaded from FreeDigitalPhotos.net



Seeing is Believing?

Seeing is believingThe sky is blue

The clouds are white

Who’d know it’s raining cats and dogs?

Then again,

It’s just a proof of an unskilled shoot

~ YoursTruly

Have a wonderful Friday ahead!!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN

Oatmeal, Oatmeal Go Away…Come Again Another Day

2013-01-15 16.05.12



The following events are based on true stories


Yours Truly: Mum, what’s for breakfast?

Lovable Mum: What about oatmeal? I’ve cooked extra (my baby sis’ breakfast)…


Yours Truly:¬†Mum, what’s for lunch?

Lovable Mum: How about oatmeal? There’s still some left in the pot….I can add in one egg if you want to…


Yours Truly: Mum, can we have some coffee and bread?

Lovable Mum: Oh…let’s just skip the¬†caffeine and have some healthy snacks instead…Oatmeal!!


Yours Truly: Mum, what are you cooking for dinner?

Lovable Mum:¬†Haiz~ I don’t really feel like cooking today, what about some oatmeal?



 Lovable Mum: Feeling hungry?

Yours Truly (Both Eyes Brightened): Yes!!! (hoping that it might be some delicious instant noodles)

Lovable Mum: Good…what about a big big bowl of oatmeal before going to bed?

Yours Truly:¬†…………………………………………..

Don’t get me wrong, oatmeal is very good for our health especially when I am one of those who is recuperating at home.

For your information, the above events can sometime happen all in a day (yes, oatmeal for every meal) and it was via my constant protesting that she decided to drop the idea of making me eat healthily for the entire day.

Last but not least, the oatmeal picture in this post is taken today — My Teatime Oatmeal — and it is much more delicious now.

May the content of this post bring a smile to your face.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


Credits: All cute and lovely pictures found in this post are downloaded from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Brother Says The Darndest Thing

This is what happens when my brother (aka our ‘Chairman’) chooses to stay at home during his block leave while I am trying to figure out those nail arts of mine.


Brother Says The Darnest Thing

Christmas Promotion

Chubby Santa & His Christmas Trees

Yes! On this yet another cloudy day in Singapore, I’ve managed to get my fingers dirty. Since Christmas is coming soon, I shall start with some festive nail designs.

CNC Nail Art 11A - A Chubby Santas

CNC Nail Art 11 - A Chubby Santas

I’ve gotten the above design from a YouTube video. They’ve applied the design on the index finger but I’ve used my thumb and thus mine is a Chubby Santa Claus…lol…

The quality of my white nail polish is not very good + my unpolished skill in nail arts, I did not manage to have a nice & smooth surface for white colour.



Next, we’ll have the Christmas trees…

2012-12-18 13.15.01

I started sketching some Christmas trees on the envelope of my phone bill when I decided to do some tree designs.



CNC Nail Art 12 - Christmas TreesTwo very NOOB designs by yours truly

The first one is an outdoor Christmas tree and the white area at the bottom is..ah…hem…the snow…*gulp*…yes, the snow. ¬†The second one is an indoor Christmas tree.


¬†I am pretty sure you all would not know they are actually Christmas trees if I’ve not describe them.¬†

For the first design, I’ve used an acrylic star decor for the star above the tree and some golden micro beads to highlight the layers of the tree.

For the second design, I’ve used 2 cherry fimo slice as the¬†mistletoe and the green rhinestones to outline the tree.

Last but not least, here’s an animation video of two penguins decorating their Christmas tree.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~
Christmas Promotion








Sneak Preview – Cute Twinkling Love

Yes, yes, yes…whenever we are able to post a sneak preview post, it means that another 12 designs will be ready pretty soon.

So, in our latest addition, we’ll have

  • 3 ribbon designs
  • 1 star-shaped design
  • 8 heart-shaped design

The above picture shown is the old packing from the days that we were selling our products at Q0010.com and now they will be re-sorted and repacked into our latest packing…¬†yippee!

So, have you already voted for your giveaway event? If not, please vote now…(yeah…I never get tired of this shout-out).

Oh yes, if you’ve been following our blog, you should be aware that today is the first day of our Christmas promotion!!

If you are waiting for the arrival of this day, what are you still waiting for?

ūüôā¬†Shop now with us¬†ūüôā

Till then, gotta get busy with our fimo.



Oops!! I’ve forgotten to name this post!!!!

That’s my dinner @ 9.10 p.m. today after having a heavy and 2-hour long alacarte buffet lunch with my mommy dearest and a common friend.

Let me check…hmmm…my last update for this blog was…oh…only yesterday??¬†Phew~ I don’t know why I am having this feeling that I am neglecting this blog.

Anyway, here are some quick updates:

We’ve just launched a new collection for our fashion jewelry yesterday and we will start preparing our next 12 fimo designs in the next one or two days.¬†Hopefully we are able to upload them earliest by this coming Saturday.

We might also be including some new nail art decor, but I cannot set a date for them at this moment. Shall keep you all further informed once I am getting a more specific date.

Ya, I am going to do another of our routine shout-out:

Have you already voted for your giveaway event?

If no, vote now please.

Thank you!

~ Muahkkkk~

Ah-hem…now we are going to include another new shout-out:

Have you already visited our FaceBook Page?

If no, please visit us now.

Thank you!

~ Muahkkkk~

It was really fun to interact with two lovely souls who told me that they are playing the Minecraft game. One of them told me that the X-Box version’s latest update has already included the Creative Mode and I am really very tempted to purchase it (awwww…….)

Perhaps I will reward myself with the X-Box version when this humble business of ours is on the track, at this moment I am quite happy with my pocket version.

Here are some pictures of the constructions that I’ve done and would like to share with you all:

These are the exterior constructions that I’ve built around a huge boulder and I grew tree above another tree in order to increase the height of the tree (gotten the tips from those countless YouTube videos that I’ve watched before I started playing the game.)

I’ve built a wide platform up around the boulder so that I can trek up to the top part of the boulder at ease. However, I realized that I’ve made it too wide and ¬†it kinda dim the surrounding at the bottom part. ūüė¶ It is actually still incomplete, but with the latest version 0.5.0, there are more construction materials and I am still planning how to enhance the construction.

This is an incomplete bridge. I intend to connect the two buildings by using trees as supports in between, in which I needed to grow them under the sea. I am still planning how to get it done…well, will show you all the result when I managed to do so.

I was reading the newspaper this morning and saw a picture of a humongous aquarium (you will need to spend $3000+++ per night for a room inside the oversize¬†aquarium? Hmmm…) that is going to launch tomorrow at Sentosa, it reminds me of my under-water basement (although there aren’t any fishes in mine… :()

I’ve expanded my under-water basement so much that I tend to lost my way whenever I am inside and really, I don’t know towards which direction I am building towards. This, I’ve got to improve, either in this world or perhaps I will do it in another.

Here are two pictures to share with you all though they are still not very completed:

Hello, are you still reading this?

If yes, thank you very much for tolerating with yet another Minecraft sharing post. ūüėÄ

Till then,

Thank you for continuing being with us. Cheers!!!



For more details, please check out OUR PROMOTIONS page. 

Nail Patch/Sticker – When Time Is Simply Not Enough…

Latest promotion: Buy 2 get 1 free

You can visit http://list.qoo10.com.sg/g/405438334 for more details on purchasing this item.

Thank you.

~ TTFN ~


When TIME is the ONLY thing that¬†one cannot afford to waste, what¬†will you do when¬†your mind is still blank and your¬†nails won’t say yes to only nail polish? (Angry Nail 1:¬†I need designs!!!)

A good solution might be…to invent a time machine that can freeze time¬†or simply¬†just using…NAIL PATCH.

For those¬†who are new to this item,¬†nail patch is very similar to stickers (don’t we just love stickers? Even¬†when I¬†am already¬†a full-grown adult..ha~and you thought¬†I am¬†going to¬†say out¬†my age?? nah…), the only difference is that they are meant to be on our nails and not on some sticker albums or the bed dashboard (hmmm…those ‘Chun Li’¬†stickers from streetfighters¬†are still on mine…oh…how time flies…¬†:P)

They come in all sort of designs so the only thing you need to do is to choose.

One of the advertisement gimmick lines¬†for this product is “Get your nails done in just 5¬†minutes!”¬†, well perhaps¬†true for those really really really (did¬†I already say¬†‘really’?) professional ones but definitely¬†not¬†for first-timers, unless you are really good at¬†arts and¬†crafts.


In order to prove that this is a user-friendly product, as a newbie myself (crossing my¬†heart),¬†I’ve taken¬†the liberty to try out our Citrus Circles design on my baby sister. Here’s the result.

How is it?

Of course, 5 minutes is quite impossible but hey, I took only around 10 to 15 minutes, which is considered quite time-saving comparing to putting those fimos on. I am sure if I keep on trying, 5 minutes may be possible for me too. If you would like to share your experiences with us, don’t hesitate to leave your reply/comment for this post. My eyes are open to read all about them. Hee~

You can put on a layer of top coat on them after you’re done so that they can be more lasting.

Here are 3 of our favourites:


As two designs (Citrus Circus & Wild Fusion 2 ) are currently out of stock, there are 8 designs currently available at the moment.


Have a great day ahead!