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Chubby Santa & His Christmas Trees

Yes! On this yet another cloudy day in Singapore, I’ve managed to get my fingers dirty. Since Christmas is coming soon, I shall start with some festive nail designs.

CNC Nail Art 11A - A Chubby Santas

CNC Nail Art 11 - A Chubby Santas

I’ve gotten the above design from a YouTube video. They’ve applied the design on the index finger but I’ve used my thumb and thus mine is a Chubby Santa Claus…lol…

The quality of my white nail polish is not very good + my unpolished skill in nail arts, I did not manage to have a nice & smooth surface for white colour.



Next, we’ll have the Christmas trees…

2012-12-18 13.15.01

I started sketching some Christmas trees on the envelope of my phone bill when I decided to do some tree designs.



CNC Nail Art 12 - Christmas TreesTwo very NOOB designs by yours truly

The first one is an outdoor Christmas tree and the white area at the bottom is..ah…hem…the snow…*gulp*…yes, the snow.  The second one is an indoor Christmas tree.


 I am pretty sure you all would not know they are actually Christmas trees if I’ve not describe them. 

For the first design, I’ve used an acrylic star decor for the star above the tree and some golden micro beads to highlight the layers of the tree.

For the second design, I’ve used 2 cherry fimo slice as the mistletoe and the green rhinestones to outline the tree.

Last but not least, here’s an animation video of two penguins decorating their Christmas tree.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

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Christmas Promotion









Blush And Beauty


Good afternoon everyone!!

Yep, that’s our lunch for today.  Instant noodles for me and apples for my red-neck turtle of 23 years.

What about yours? No matter what you are having, we do hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Page Updates: Our Fimo Collections


How about Blush and Beauty? I see red and think of bright red lipstick on a beautiful lady and pink reminds me of a blushing young girl. 

The above comment was left by shewhisperswords for our ‘Look! Pinking is blushing…” post, which I truly appreciated 🙂 and so I name this ‘Nail on Paper’ design using the suggested name.

Why is this a ‘Nail on Paper’ design since I did not really draw anything here?

I took the picture of my hand with the Mocha Mix nail polish while the polka dots, fimo slices and rhinestones were applied by using Photoshop editing with the pictures that I’ve taken for our fimo and rhinestones.

So, literally it is just a ‘paper’ nail art.

The pink polka dots represent the ‘blushing’ and the flowers and rhinestones represent the beauty and elegance of a female.

Of course, nail art designs are still best when they are applied on actual nails! I am still waiting for my brushes to arrive and hopefully I am able to post more actual nail designs in the near future.  Perhaps, this can be an alternative when you simply just don’t feel like waiting for the nails to dry. Hehe~

Hope you all enjoy reading this.

Till then, TTFN~ 

Just before sunset…

Drawing is not my forte despite taking lessons for a few years when I was still a little girl. That is why I really envy my brother, who is able to draw the Simpsons very well, and my baby sis (who is in charge of our comic blog :)).

With my sister now doing a contractual job at a bank while I do the setting up our online shop (I’ve stopped working with those lovable students of mine due to the relapses of my backaches :(), she has very little time to update our comic blog.

Actually, I am a fan of her doodling arts ever since she started drawing all those funny characters inside her notebooks and erhhmm….lecture notes. They never fail to make me laugh.

I wanted to read more of her works, but I guess just my liking isn’t enough :(. HOWEVER..if you’ve visited our comic blog (it is just a click away, sweeties!!) and think they are worth reading, do leave down your likes and comments so that she is motivated to draw more.

This post is falling under the ‘Nail on Paper’ category.

Yes, another new category with all the designs posted under this category drawn on paper. 😀

Without further adieu, here’s the result of my first piece of work,

The top nail (ya…drawn by yours truly) was done with colour pencils and markers. Actual nail polish were applied to the one at the bottom with the fimo slices and rhinestones placed only after the colours are dried so that I can reuse them hehe…

The colours used : Jet Black, Mustard Yellow, Blue & Silver Glitter

Art Decor used: 3 butterfly fimo & Black rhinestones

With this, I can create as many designs as I want to without using any top coat (yes, I’ve yet to buy them…) and best of all, I don’t have to remove them.

I’ve just purchased some acrylic nails and nail polish brushes/dotting tools  so that I can try out all my paper designs on the nails.

Oh~ can’t wait for them to arrive. 😀

Hope you do enjoy this humble post of ours.

Cheers & TTFN~