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From Us, To You

Happy New Year

Nail Art Practising, Santa’s Style~ Part 1

CNC Nail Art 13 - More Santa

As I’ve mentioned before, I NEED MORE PRACTICE~ and so here I am trying to polish my nail art skill with ¬†more nail polishes…lol…hmm…did you get the joke??

Uhmm…I hope you do…

Okay, as you can see from the above picture, after doing the chubby Santa on my thumb nail, I decided to continue with another 2 more nails using different colours.

Why not all 5 nails you may ask?

The answer is simple, I became lazy…waiting for the NAIL POLISH TO DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ ūüė¶

In order to have more¬†practices, I’ve decided to use the nail wheel so that I can do other stuff while waiting for the polish to dry.

CNC Wheel Nail Art

Inspired by the Chubby Santa design,¬†the basic idea is to have the inner shirt, the outer coat and the belt therefore¬†I’ve painted the inner shirt and the outer coat for all the 18 nails using different colours.

I will then enhance the designs as accordingly using other polish colours or nail art decors. A belt (with different design) will be added in order to keep the style in this wheel uniform.

From the above picture, you can see that I’ve already done 2 nails with the white inner shirt and pink & blue glitter outer coats. The white polish surface is still very cakey but I decided to finish using it before buying new one.

Let’s have a closer look with the following two pictures:

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1A

For the first design, I’ve used the pink glitter polish as the outer coat. I have used the golden micro bead as the gold buttons of the shirt and our¬†clear colour 3D acrylic ribbon nail art decor¬†as the big belt buckle.

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1B

For the second design, you can see that the blue glitter outer coat is a longer one. I’ve outlined the side of the coat with another blue nail polish.

At the top part, we’ve used our rounded green rhinestones (dark green for the core and light green for the petals) as the flower pendant of a choker. The belt is a 2-colour belt¬†slanting down to the side of the hip but I am not too satisfied with the belt because the buckle is not very visible (shall improve in this).

And so this conclude Part 1 of my Nail Art Practising, Santa Style.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~





Chubby Santa & His Christmas Trees

Yes! On this yet another cloudy day in Singapore, I’ve managed to get my fingers dirty. Since Christmas is coming soon, I shall start with some festive nail designs.

CNC Nail Art 11A - A Chubby Santas

CNC Nail Art 11 - A Chubby Santas

I’ve gotten the above design from a YouTube video. They’ve applied the design on the index finger but I’ve used my thumb and thus mine is a Chubby Santa Claus…lol…

The quality of my white nail polish is not very good + my unpolished skill in nail arts, I did not manage to have a nice & smooth surface for white colour.



Next, we’ll have the Christmas trees…

2012-12-18 13.15.01

I started sketching some Christmas trees on the envelope of my phone bill when I decided to do some tree designs.



CNC Nail Art 12 - Christmas TreesTwo very NOOB designs by yours truly

The first one is an outdoor Christmas tree and the white area at the bottom is..ah…hem…the snow…*gulp*…yes, the snow. ¬†The second one is an indoor Christmas tree.


¬†I am pretty sure you all would not know they are actually Christmas trees if I’ve not describe them.¬†

For the first design, I’ve used an acrylic star decor for the star above the tree and some golden micro beads to highlight the layers of the tree.

For the second design, I’ve used 2 cherry fimo slice as the¬†mistletoe and the green rhinestones to outline the tree.

Last but not least, here’s an animation video of two penguins decorating their Christmas tree.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~
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Where is it?

2012-12-12 18.47.20

Yes…this is the problem that I am currently facing…I need my nail art mojo so that I can start getting my fingers dirty.

Today is the 12th December 2012 ¬†(12-12-12) and in order to mark this special day, we’ve added 11 new items + 1 restocking fashion jewelries into our¬†store. ¬†Alternatively, you can also¬†check out our Facebook page for those newly added products.

After finishing uploading our products, I’ve decided to reward myself with a little pixel art fun.

The above Eeyore the donkey is actually my second ‘creation’ because there is a Santa Claus head just behind this sad-looking donkey…lol…Eeyore turned up to be much bigger than I expected..

I created them by following templates found in the web and personally, I think those people who created them are simply brilliant.

I sure hope one day I am able to create a pixel art without following any template… ūüėČ

Okay, it has been quite a while since I last did my routine shout-out, so

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If no, vote now please.

Thank you!

~ Muahkkkk~

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I am sure one day, one day…I will locate my nail art mojo…in the meantime, if you’ve noticed that I am not updating this blog as frequently as before, don’t worry…I am not stopping…just check out our other blogs..lol…

Till then,

Have a great day/night ahead!

Cheers & TTFN

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More Crafting?? Do Bear With Me A Bit…

Oh, is today’s post still on Minecraft?

You are absolutely correct!! ūüėÄ

Oh, just before I go blabbering on this topic, I’ve made some changes to our ‘Be with us’ page.

So do have a look and if possible let us know how you feel about this new idea?

Now, let’s get back into Minecraft… ūüėÄ

I’ve mentioned that I’ve always wanted to try building an underwater building structure in my previous post and so here are some of the progresses of my latest attempt (before I accidentally pressed the home button of my mobile phone :()

This is the first phase of the construction in which I have yet to dig down the ground

Now, can you see the difference? I’ve dug around 3 layers down the ground and you can see more of the blue seawater via the glass blocks

The above are the two pictures of that attempt because when I tried to take a screen shot of the tunnel that I’ve dug towards the sea, I’ve…..accidentally….pressed…sob…the home button. ūüė¶

I’ve spawned into another world…with no water!!! So I decided to work on this piece of floating boulder-like thingy

This is the bottom part (back part) of the boulder, it is a bit messy because I wanted to keep the shape of the original piece of the boulder and yet make it looks like a nice building…hmm…so I used some black blocks to do some outlining…I know..it really sucks… ūüėõ

This is the front view of the building.

This is the inside (1st floor) of the building…a bit dim because I placed the torches on the ceiling

As I dug my way up to the top, it was quite narrow and thus I’ve to hack off some of the top area and turned it into a balcony with glass enclosure.

Constructed a bridge to connect with its ‘neighbour’. As a matter of fact, did quite some modifications on this next piece of thingy but…same thing happened before I can take a screen shot of that…sob…

Well, I guess this shall be my first and perhaps last post on my Minecraft construction…(but I will still be playing because now I’ve the actual pocket edition and I can save my work…yippee!!) just wanted to share my joy with you all.

However, if you think this is interesting enough for you and you wanted to see more of my wacky constructions, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to do it just for you. ūüėÄ

Just skip reading this post if it bores you but do continue to be with us, okie?

Till then,


What Will Happen If You Give A Group of Children A Bunch of Fimo Slices?


…..Awww….nobody wants to know why I kept changing and editing our pictures….???¬†

Never mind, I shall stay positive and wait then….wooahaaaaa~

A few months ago, I was in charge of an one and a half hour lesson for the children. As it was very near to Fathers’ Day, I’ve decided to let them ‘create’ the faces of their fathers using any given materials.

I’ve drawn out blank templates of face shapes and my sis was in charge of drawing all kinds of different eyes, brows, mouths, noses and ears. Other materials like ribbons, stickers and of course, our fimo slices were given to them for decorating purpose.

I was happy to see all the little girls going ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ over the cuteness of our fimo slices and how their eyes would sparkle when I allowed them to bring back the rest of the unused fimo slices.

Without any further adieu, the below are some of their creativity and yet abstracted looking fathers (one really looks like Mr. Potato from the Toy Story):


So, which one is your favourite? Do let me know okay?

Hope you all enjoy reading this post, till then






The Whole World at Your Fingertips

Wanted to re-blog this when I saw it a few months ago and I see it again. Yeah~ Love it!!  Hope you all enjoy this!

The internet is bursting with various different nail art techniques, but none quite mach up to these…

These are created by Alice Bartlett  a computer coder from London. She made these mini landscapes from various peices of a model railway set.

Thinking they’d make intresting photos she set it up on one hand whilst taking photos with the other. After she was done she stuck the minitures around her house as little surprises for visitors.

View original post

Just before sunset…

Drawing is not my forte despite taking lessons for a few years when I was still a little girl. That is why I really envy my brother, who is able to draw the Simpsons very well, and my baby sis (who is in charge of our comic blog :)).

With my sister now doing a contractual job at a bank while I do the setting up our online shop (I’ve stopped working with those lovable students of mine due to the relapses of my backaches :(), she has very little time to update our comic blog.

Actually, I am a fan of her doodling arts ever since she started drawing all those funny characters inside her notebooks and erhhmm….lecture notes. They never fail to make me laugh.

I wanted to read more of her works, but I guess just my liking isn’t enough :(.¬†HOWEVER..if you’ve visited our comic blog (it is just a click away, sweeties!!) and think they are worth reading, do leave down your likes and comments so that she is motivated to draw more.

This post is falling under the ‘Nail on Paper’ category.

Yes, another new category with all¬†the designs posted under this category drawn on paper. ūüėÄ

Without further adieu, here’s the result of my first piece of work,

The top nail (ya…drawn by yours truly) was done with colour pencils and markers. Actual nail polish were applied to the one at the bottom with the fimo slices and rhinestones placed only after the colours are dried so that I can reuse them hehe…

The colours used : Jet Black, Mustard Yellow, Blue & Silver Glitter

Art Decor used: 3 butterfly fimo & Black rhinestones

With this, I can create as many designs as I want to without using any top coat (yes, I’ve yet to buy them…) and best of all, I don’t have to remove them.

I’ve just purchased some acrylic nails and nail polish brushes/dotting tools ¬†so that I can try out all my paper designs on the nails.

Oh~ can’t wait for them to arrive. ūüėÄ

Hope you do enjoy this humble post of ours.

Cheers & TTFN~

Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!

As I was checking the poll for the preferred fimo designs, I noticed that nobody selects “fruit”.¬†So, I took the liberty to search for some fruit nail ¬†arts from the Pinterest and found some designs to share with you all. These designs belonged to their respective creators and hopefully I am able to upload another nail design using fruits fimo done by myself.Also, I’ve found some fashion accesories (from Pinterest)¬†made out of fruit fimo and they are super cool! How I wish I can create those nice accessories in the near future..tsk…tsk…so many things to learn, so many things to practise, so many things to do….gosh…anyway, here’s the picture of the compliation and yes, they all belonged to their respective creator(s) (whom I really envy… ^_^).

If you like to read more of these compliation on other fimo nail designs, do let me know.

Last but not least, I decided to organise a giveaway event for our fruit fimo slices. I know we can easily purchase any fruit fimo canes on websites and they are really nothing new. However, as I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, all the fimo slices are cut, sorted, packed with all my heart, hoping to see more smiles than frowns on the faces of all our valued customers.

As a matter of¬†fact, my sister told¬†not to continue with this fimo merchandise and to concentrate on other nail art decorations instead since it is really an¬†effort and time consuming task. But…but…I really do enjoy the entire process and whenever I¬†would feel¬†good whenever I¬†am able to update my fimo catalogue.

There is a saying “No pain, No gain” right?

So, is the fruit fimo giveaway a good idea? Do let me know. If the response is positive, I shall save some of our fruit fimo slices (feather cut, thin cut and thick cut) for the giveaway and hopefully those who will receive the fimo slices are able to do a design and e-mail them to me so that I can upload them in the blog.

Well, let me know okay?

Here are the coming updates for the next few posts:

  • The last 12 designs for the feather cut fimo are finally ready and¬†I am¬†now doing the sorting and packing¬†for¬†the thin cut fimo. Since most designs for thin cut fimo¬†are¬†a repetitive of the the feather cut, I decided to sort them¬†out in¬†term of their colours so as to present you all with different views/perspective. Currently I’ve finished sorting out the green ones and will upload them together with the last 12¬†feather¬†cut designs. If possible, I will try to sort and¬†pack another¬†colour, hopefully to upload them together.
  • I’ve done¬†another nail art design using two¬†type of blue colours and 1 thick-cut fimo¬†during last week. Will upload¬†the design up soon.
  • Possible¬†fruit fimo giveaway? It is entirely up to you all to decide, so let me know¬†whether it is feasible by leaving¬†a comment¬†for this post. Thank you in advance!!

In the meantime, do enjoy the pictures !!


A Very Simple Nail Art Design

I’ve mentioned earlier that my aunt came for a visit during two weeks ago and I did a simple nail design (well, simple is the only thing¬† I can do so far, lol) and I simply love glitter colours at this stage because the glitter¬†colours are good for¬†covering up the flaws on the uneven french tips (LOL). I know, I needed more practising…hehee…so, here’s the result:

I did alternate designs with a flower fimo +¬†line dots¬†on 3 fingers and only 2 simple rhinestones on 2 fingers so¬†they won’t fall off easily due to all the washing and cooking in the later part of the day. The reason I chose red rhinestones was because her toe nails were already painted in red hehee…

  • Colours used: White, red, sliver glitter and pink glitter.
  • Fimo used: Orange Flower (6 pcs)
  • Rhinestone used: 2mm round red rhinestone (8 pcs)

Gotta get back to more fimo cutting and sorting.

Will upload more designs when they are ready, so do stay tuned for more…