Blush And Beauty


Good afternoon everyone!!

Yep, that’s our lunch for today.  Instant noodles for me and apples for my red-neck turtle of 23 years.

What about yours? No matter what you are having, we do hope you enjoy them. 🙂

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How about Blush and Beauty? I see red and think of bright red lipstick on a beautiful lady and pink reminds me of a blushing young girl. 

The above comment was left by shewhisperswords for our ‘Look! Pinking is blushing…” post, which I truly appreciated 🙂 and so I name this ‘Nail on Paper’ design using the suggested name.

Why is this a ‘Nail on Paper’ design since I did not really draw anything here?

I took the picture of my hand with the Mocha Mix nail polish while the polka dots, fimo slices and rhinestones were applied by using Photoshop editing with the pictures that I’ve taken for our fimo and rhinestones.

So, literally it is just a ‘paper’ nail art.

The pink polka dots represent the ‘blushing’ and the flowers and rhinestones represent the beauty and elegance of a female.

Of course, nail art designs are still best when they are applied on actual nails! I am still waiting for my brushes to arrive and hopefully I am able to post more actual nail designs in the near future.  Perhaps, this can be an alternative when you simply just don’t feel like waiting for the nails to dry. Hehe~

Hope you all enjoy reading this.

Till then, TTFN~ 

2 responses

  1. Chic, and very pretty!

    1. Awww…thank you for this lovely encouragement…Cheers!! 😀

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