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Nail Art Practising, Santa’s Style~ Part 1

CNC Nail Art 13 - More Santa

As I’ve mentioned before, I NEED MORE PRACTICE~ and so here I am trying to polish my nail art skill with ¬†more nail polishes…lol…hmm…did you get the joke??

Uhmm…I hope you do…

Okay, as you can see from the above picture, after doing the chubby Santa on my thumb nail, I decided to continue with another 2 more nails using different colours.

Why not all 5 nails you may ask?

The answer is simple, I became lazy…waiting for the NAIL POLISH TO DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ ūüė¶

In order to have more¬†practices, I’ve decided to use the nail wheel so that I can do other stuff while waiting for the polish to dry.

CNC Wheel Nail Art

Inspired by the Chubby Santa design,¬†the basic idea is to have the inner shirt, the outer coat and the belt therefore¬†I’ve painted the inner shirt and the outer coat for all the 18 nails using different colours.

I will then enhance the designs as accordingly using other polish colours or nail art decors. A belt (with different design) will be added in order to keep the style in this wheel uniform.

From the above picture, you can see that I’ve already done 2 nails with the white inner shirt and pink & blue glitter outer coats. The white polish surface is still very cakey but I decided to finish using it before buying new one.

Let’s have a closer look with the following two pictures:

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1A

For the first design, I’ve used the pink glitter polish as the outer coat. I have used the golden micro bead as the gold buttons of the shirt and our¬†clear colour 3D acrylic ribbon nail art decor¬†as the big belt buckle.

CNC Wheel Nail Art - 1B

For the second design, you can see that the blue glitter outer coat is a longer one. I’ve outlined the side of the coat with another blue nail polish.

At the top part, we’ve used our rounded green rhinestones (dark green for the core and light green for the petals) as the flower pendant of a choker. The belt is a 2-colour belt¬†slanting down to the side of the hip but I am not too satisfied with the belt because the buckle is not very visible (shall improve in this).

And so this conclude Part 1 of my Nail Art Practising, Santa Style.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~





The Whole World at Your Fingertips

Wanted to re-blog this when I saw it a few months ago and I see it again. Yeah~ Love it!!  Hope you all enjoy this!

The internet is bursting with various different nail art techniques, but none quite mach up to these…

These are created by Alice Bartlett  a computer coder from London. She made these mini landscapes from various peices of a model railway set.

Thinking they’d make intresting photos she set it up on one hand whilst taking photos with the other. After she was done she stuck the minitures around her house as little surprises for visitors.

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Blush And Beauty


Good afternoon everyone!!

Yep, that’s our lunch for today. ¬†Instant noodles for me and apples for my red-neck turtle of 23 years.

What about yours? No matter what you are having, we do hope you enjoy them. ūüôā

Page Updates: Our Fimo Collections


How about Blush and Beauty? I see red and think of bright red lipstick on a beautiful lady and pink reminds me of a blushing young girl. 

The above comment was left by shewhisperswords¬†for our ‘Look! Pinking is blushing…” post, which I truly appreciated ūüôā and so I name this ‘Nail on Paper’ design using the suggested name.

Why is this a ‘Nail on Paper’ design since I did not really draw anything here?

I took the picture of my hand with the Mocha Mix nail polish while the polka dots, fimo slices and rhinestones were applied by using Photoshop editing with the pictures that I’ve taken for our fimo and rhinestones.

So, literally it is just a ‘paper’ nail art.

The pink polka dots represent the ‘blushing’ and the flowers and rhinestones represent the beauty and¬†elegance of a female.

Of course, nail art designs are still best when they are applied on actual nails! I am still waiting for my brushes to arrive and hopefully I am able to post more actual nail designs in the near future. ¬†Perhaps, this can be an alternative when you simply just don’t feel like waiting for the nails to dry. Hehe~

Hope you all enjoy reading this.

Till then, TTFN~ 

Childish Smile

As a name, what do you think about ‚ÄėChildish Smile‚Äô?¬†

(because pink is usually, but not always, a childish color)


Received a comment from CreatingADream for our “Look! Pinky is Blushing” post and decided to do a nail art using red and pink.

The system of my mobile phone was recently updated and I noticed there are some new features in the default camera app. So I took the photo using it and the result is quite satisfying. The bottom picture was the result after using its effect mode.

I’ve used a ribbon fimo and a love fimo to represent a female at two different stages of her life.

The ribbon fimo represents a little girl’s smile, which is by default, a childish sweet smile. The love fimo represents a lady’s smile whenever she felt being loved, a sweet and perhaps a little childish smile?

The above are just purely my own interpretation inspired by the given name.

Hope you enjoy them and till then,



I Love Dragonflies…

…unless they come in the form of fimo canes or slices (>_<)!!!!


It is not that I don’t like or hate the real ones, I am just AFRAID to go near them.

How should I describe this mixed feeling…hmm…okay, let’s just put it this way.

A person with low tolerances for spicy food (i.e. yours truly) yet stubbornly wanted to include chilli in the food whenever she is being offered despite knowing she will have a hard time getting the food down her throat.

I really like spicy food but my tongue doesn’t… (>_<)

Now, do you get what I mean? ūüė¶


I’ve added a new category today, which is ‘Sharing’, for all the fimo nail designs that I want to share with you all. Therefore, all the nail art designs posted in this category belong to their respective owners/creators.

In order not to infringe any copyrights, I’ve taken the liberty to watermark the pictures so that if you think their designs are interesting, you can always visit their sites for more. This is what sharing is about. ūüôā

Now, back to dragonflies. Why did I say I love them when I am so afraid of them?

Isn’t life filled with ironies? The truth is that I was really enjoying myself during the slicing all my dragonflies fimo canes. I like their shape designs and also the vibrant colours. Therefore, when I was going through the websites and spotted this dragonfly nail art, I wanted to share with you all.

I really love the colour of the dragonfly in this nail art, unfortunately I don’t have that in my inventory (*sob*) so will definitely look out for this colour in my next restocking.

I’ve also included 3 similar designs with different colours in the picture for your reference and¬†I do hope you all will enjoy reading posts from this new category.


Feathers over the rainbow…

Oh Gosh..oh gosh….I’ve had a difficult time trying to upload this post because the ‘add media’ button is not working, I wonder what is going on???

Thank God I managed to upload picture using another add post option, but I don’t really like it because this option does not have a preview button….sob*sob*….

I do hope the bug will be fixed soon…

Okay, back to today’s topic…This post title immediately came into my head the moment I finished the design and had an image of two feathers coming from a bird flying over the rainbow…hehehe….

I was doing a rainbow design on my toe nails basing on the one that I did on my baby sister’s. For my right leg, I did a vertical stripes with a few colours (very much similar to the ones on the finger nails) but unfortunely, they were ruined after I’ve applied a layer of silver glitter!!!! (URGHHHHHH!!!!)

With the painstaking experience on my right toes, I decided to be more careful with my left foot.¬†Instead of vertical stripes, I’ve taken the approach to using freestyle horizontal stripes with all the colours I’ve had at hand and here’s the result:


Actually, I did not take down the photo of the design only after a few days later when I wanted to remove them. From the picture, you should have noticed that my right foot is actually inside a sock because I was just recovering from a bad flu on the day I took the photo…Heehee…

After taking a last look, I realized that the colours were still in good condition even without any top coat, so I decided to share them with you all.T

This is, of course not¬†a very successful attempt and though I’ve mentioned before,¬†I still find the need to shout¬†out¬†loud, ”¬†IT¬†IS NOT EASY DOING¬†YOUR OWN TOE NAILS!!!”

If I were to take down photos of myself trying all kinds of funny postures just to paint the nails, you may think that I am doing some difficult yoga postures rather than nail painting?

*Sob*….I need to do something about my back….and WP needed to do something about the bug fixing…

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

In the meantime, TTFN~