Only In My Dreams

Travelling Alone

Only in my dreams….

Yes…only in my dreams that I can see myself travelling alone.

The only time that I am travelling by myself would be going to school, to work or places which I need to be at for certain non-leisure purpose.

I’ve never even been to a movie alone even though I once tried persuading myself to do so, but failed miserably because I SIMPLY DIDN’T WANT TO….. 😦

So, when I see this photo and I really like the scenery.

What can I do?

Well…I can always comfort myself by putting ‘Yours Truly’ into the picture…and tada…I am already travelling…

Everything is in the mind….

By the way, how’s life for you all lovely souls out there?

I hope everything is fine. 😀

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Till then,

Have a great Tuesday ahead!

Cheers & TTFN~

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10 responses

  1. i eas once dream like that too,,,kekekekekek

    1. A dream of travelling alone?? Where did you travel to??

      Thanks for visiting~ Appreciated. Cheers!! 😀

      1. i’m not that good in remembering my dreams, so i absolutely forget, usually when i dream about traveling alone, i should be somewhere spooky.. but, i’m familiar with traveling alone..and i enjoyed it. travel around indonesia and once in sydney and malaysia.. ^_^ n i’ll add more country, also province in Indonesia. my next destination for travelling alone is South Borneo, indonesia maybe mid january next about you?

      2. Aww….it is good to be able to travel around…I am home-bound at the moment due to some illness…hopefully one day if I managed to recover, I might want to do some travelling~ but…definitely not alone…hehe…

        Cheers!! 😀

      3. Please recover soon, it is so bored to be home bounded. Is your illness really serious? or just needs time to recover?
        Get well soon… 🙂

      4. Many years ago, I’ve had a serious fall but I didn’t really check it out because I felt I was okay…it was in fact 9 years later that I’ve found clogged blood inside my rib cage…so technically speaking…it is considered as neglected internal injuries…lol…

        I stopped working June this year and decided to start up this humble little business so that at least I can do something while I am home-bounded…

        I am getting a little better and hopefully I am able to get back to those cute students of mine by next year…hehe…

        Once again, it is nice to know you and thank you for your kind blessing~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. ow, i’m sorry to hear that, i just can pray for u to recover soon. wow so you are a teacher, that a nice one. and i like kiddos too, but usually kiddos dont like me that much, heheeheheh…
    i’m really happy that u can always see the best or positive thing first in every condition, yess, u can start a home business, that sounds good. i am as worker, i really getting bored and tired to work under one commands…i’m looking forward to do some business but i have n idea,,poor me, kekekeke.
    so enjoy ur business as well while you are in it. 🙂
    mmmmm,,,i think we need to meet, maybe when i have second chance to travel to your country..
    God Bless u ^_^

    1. No worries…if not for this, I would have lost an opportunity to know a new friend like you. 😀

      I believe everything happens for a reason and if life has brought me to this home business thingy (actually I prefer working since I will have fixed income & CPF…lol), I just have to accept it, work at it and hope for the best. 😀

      I do hope you can find a good idea for your future business…wish you all the best in advance…hehe…

      Definitely, just let me know if you would like to visit Singapore (it is not that far from your country) and we can meet up.

      Once, once again…thank you very much for your kind words and blessing!!!

      Keep up with your blogging and be assured that my icon would be there under each post…hehe…

      Take care & Cheers!!! 😀

      1. yes, everything happens for reasons, that what i would tell u first, but i couldn’t. heheheheh.. 🙂 that’s exactly what i meant and usually i call it being grateful for whatever circumstance u face, i’m sot saying i am good enough at that, but that the thing i wanna be and i’m trying hard to be, my life not that good too, but what is the point of just being sad or feeling sorry. Life is too good and wonderful just to feel sorry for one bad thing that happend to us. isn’t it? (sorry for being kinda preacher) but that the thing i got through all the bad and goods happened to me..

        Yes, of course, i think u will be the first i inform when i’m be able to get there :). I don’t know when, because i really want to travel to another country that i’ve never been before. but Singapore is always on my mind. Singapore my first abroad travel and that time i didnt have much experience about travel abroad. so i lose something here and there, and that means i should come to visit again,,,,someday.

        Cheers 🙂

      2. Sure..sure…not a problem~ hehe….

        Thank you for sharing so much with me.

        Have fun blogging and looking forwards to more of your future posts!! Cheers~ 😀

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