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Designing within a Design

Just last week, I’ve stumbled upon a video in YouTube about people playing this PC game called ‘Mine Craft’ and uploading videos of their playing for people to watch.

Now, I’ve already subscribed to 2 channels just to watch them play…lol… it is always entertaining to watch people building something from nothing.

So, after a quick shower which was about an hour ago, I decided to reward myself with another few more video clips when something struck me really really HARD!

….I need to post…I need to post…I need to post something…

…and tada…here I am…hehe ūüėÄ

So, as I went through pictures inside my folder,  I saw this simple nail design from apolishproblem.com with a sky background and one butterfly fimo slice on each nail.

Since I’ve a cloud background and all those fimo slices with white backgrounds ¬†(I am not going to use them for my online shop anymore…yep, I’ve jumped out of the BOX…if you don’t know what I am talking about, just read my previous posts..lol…), why not just decorate the background of this design with my butterfly fimo pictures?

Tada~ what do you think?

Does it look like a design within another similar design?

I know…I know…this really sounds very lame…but personally I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this idea, so just humour me a little, will you?

Now, I am going to get back and reward myself with not 1 but hmmm… I guess 3 more video clips?

Nah…I think I may need more than 3….woahhaaaaaaa~

Till then, hope you enjoy this post…


A Disastrous Beginning…

If I am Homer Simpson, I should be crying out, “DOH!” when I did the first nail art on our newly bought nail wheels.

I know I’ve mentioned that I don’t have time at the moment to do any nail art, but my baby sis wanted to try them out and to make things interesting, we decided to have a mini competition, with our mum as the judge.

What we did is to choose a video tutorial from YouTube and compete each other by doing the same design.

The design we’ve chosen is

Nail Art Tutorial Black & White Butterfly Freehand Design for Short Nails at Home

The lady did the design using 3 methods for the butterfly, first with a butterfly decal, then the stamping method and lastly the freehand method.

Since we do not have any decal (which I am so ~ so ~ ¬†going to buy in the near future) and the stamping tools, we painted our butterflies using freehand (yep…using the newly bought nail polish brushes…hehe).

I guess from the title of this post, you ought to know the result…You are correct, it was…


The one with the blue rhinestones is done by my baby sis and mine is the one with a purple rhinestone. As the main part is the butterfly, so I just cropped out the butterfly areas.

So, no winner for this round…*sob*…

No pretty nail arts for this post but do enjoy looking at the other factors in this picture, for example, the nice candles, pretty frames and two cute little skulls…hehehe…

Till then ~ TTFN

Fly! Butterfly, Fly!!

Previously, I did a fimo art on my mobile phone casing¬†(Do¬†check out Fimo Art Design)¬†and today I’ve decided to try using some butterfly fimos to create a simple mobile phone accessory.

Here’s the result:

This is just a very simple design because this happens to be my first try in making a mobile phone accessory. The materials used are:

  • 6¬†butterfly fimo (thick ones) and 2 feather fimo (thick ones).
  • 1 acrylic round bead and 1 acrylic crystal bead
  • 1 very thin fishing line
  • White glue
  • 1 mobile phone accessory string¬†holder

What I’ve done to secure the fimo slices onto the fishing line was to glue two fimo slices together with the line in between. Initially, I was not sure if it is workable but luckily the fimo slices seemed to work well with white glue (yeah~) and I am glad I’ve found another method to recycle those fimo slices which are too thick to stay on our nails.

Till then, TTFN~