Counting Down…


I am so happy to receive a comment from meandjd telling me that she is playing the game minecraft as well.

Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone here….Muahkkk~

The following is a YouTube video my baby sister told me about.

It is a MTV done by some people playing Minecraft, basing on the recent hot Korean MTV Oppa Gangnam Style.

If you are aware of this MTV, this video is following very closely with the original contents even when the horses were replaced by pigs (there are no horses in Minecraft).

May you all enjoy this post.

Till then,




5 responses

  1. btw, i love minecraft too. :3

    1. Oh, you play this game too? So glad to know another person reading this is playing…yipee!! So, do you play on PC, xbox or mobile??

      1. I play on xbox. 🙂 it’s been ages since I’ve played though…too busy 😦 maybe I’ll play some tonight hehe.

      2. lol…yes, go get creative and build some building + killing those nasty mobs…. cheers!!!

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