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Oops!! I’ve forgotten to name this post!!!!

That’s my dinner @ 9.10 p.m. today after having a heavy and 2-hour long alacarte buffet lunch with my mommy dearest and a common friend.

Let me check…hmmm…my last update for this blog was…oh…only yesterday?? Phew~ I don’t know why I am having this feeling that I am neglecting this blog.

Anyway, here are some quick updates:

We’ve just launched a new collection for our fashion jewelry yesterday and we will start preparing our next 12 fimo designs in the next one or two days. Hopefully we are able to upload them earliest by this coming Saturday.

We might also be including some new nail art decor, but I cannot set a date for them at this moment. Shall keep you all further informed once I am getting a more specific date.

Ya, I am going to do another of our routine shout-out:

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It was really fun to interact with two lovely souls who told me that they are playing the Minecraft game. One of them told me that the X-Box version’s latest update has already included the Creative Mode and I am really very tempted to purchase it (awwww…….)

Perhaps I will reward myself with the X-Box version when this humble business of ours is on the track, at this moment I am quite happy with my pocket version.

Here are some pictures of the constructions that I’ve done and would like to share with you all:

These are the exterior constructions that I’ve built around a huge boulder and I grew tree above another tree in order to increase the height of the tree (gotten the tips from those countless YouTube videos that I’ve watched before I started playing the game.)

I’ve built a wide platform up around the boulder so that I can trek up to the top part of the boulder at ease. However, I realized that I’ve made it too wide and  it kinda dim the surrounding at the bottom part. 😦 It is actually still incomplete, but with the latest version 0.5.0, there are more construction materials and I am still planning how to enhance the construction.

This is an incomplete bridge. I intend to connect the two buildings by using trees as supports in between, in which I needed to grow them under the sea. I am still planning how to get it done…well, will show you all the result when I managed to do so.

I was reading the newspaper this morning and saw a picture of a humongous aquarium (you will need to spend $3000+++ per night for a room inside the oversize aquarium? Hmmm…) that is going to launch tomorrow at Sentosa, it reminds me of my under-water basement (although there aren’t any fishes in mine… :()

I’ve expanded my under-water basement so much that I tend to lost my way whenever I am inside and really, I don’t know towards which direction I am building towards. This, I’ve got to improve, either in this world or perhaps I will do it in another.

Here are two pictures to share with you all though they are still not very completed:

Hello, are you still reading this?

If yes, thank you very much for tolerating with yet another Minecraft sharing post. 😀

Till then,

Thank you for continuing being with us. Cheers!!!



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Which is Which?

Below is a picture of the nail arts that both my sis and I did when we’ve gotten the nail wheel and the nail art brushes and I’ve almost forgotten that we’ve done these designs:

Are you able to figure who is doing A and who is doing B?

Do make a quick guess by leaving us a comment in this post just for fun sake…okie??

Pleaseeeeee~ Muahkkkkkkk~ 

Oh, I’ve received another comment from katie1094 telling me that she is playing Minecraft as well…cool!!! Now we’ve another nail art lover who plays this game and I am so happy to know that I am not alone here.

Currently, I am working on ‘My First World’ and I’ve succeeded in creating tunnels under the sea (Yeah~).

The following picture is the interior part of one of my underwater basements and frankly speaking, I don’t really know where I am heading to, so I just have to keep on digging until I hit the surface area…hehe…

Last but not least, may you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then do continue to be with us, okie?


More Crafting?? Do Bear With Me A Bit…

Oh, is today’s post still on Minecraft?

You are absolutely correct!! 😀

Oh, just before I go blabbering on this topic, I’ve made some changes to our ‘Be with us’ page.

So do have a look and if possible let us know how you feel about this new idea?

Now, let’s get back into Minecraft… 😀

I’ve mentioned that I’ve always wanted to try building an underwater building structure in my previous post and so here are some of the progresses of my latest attempt (before I accidentally pressed the home button of my mobile phone :()

This is the first phase of the construction in which I have yet to dig down the ground

Now, can you see the difference? I’ve dug around 3 layers down the ground and you can see more of the blue seawater via the glass blocks

The above are the two pictures of that attempt because when I tried to take a screen shot of the tunnel that I’ve dug towards the sea, I’ve…..accidentally….pressed…sob…the home button. 😦

I’ve spawned into another world…with no water!!! So I decided to work on this piece of floating boulder-like thingy

This is the bottom part (back part) of the boulder, it is a bit messy because I wanted to keep the shape of the original piece of the boulder and yet make it looks like a nice building…hmm…so I used some black blocks to do some outlining…I know..it really sucks… 😛

This is the front view of the building.

This is the inside (1st floor) of the building…a bit dim because I placed the torches on the ceiling

As I dug my way up to the top, it was quite narrow and thus I’ve to hack off some of the top area and turned it into a balcony with glass enclosure.

Constructed a bridge to connect with its ‘neighbour’. As a matter of fact, did quite some modifications on this next piece of thingy but…same thing happened before I can take a screen shot of that…sob…

Well, I guess this shall be my first and perhaps last post on my Minecraft construction…(but I will still be playing because now I’ve the actual pocket edition and I can save my work…yippee!!) just wanted to share my joy with you all.

However, if you think this is interesting enough for you and you wanted to see more of my wacky constructions, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to do it just for you. 😀

Just skip reading this post if it bores you but do continue to be with us, okie?

Till then,


Launching Soon But Still Busy With Crafting???

This is what happens when you want to save  $$$ on graphic designing and do it by yourself.

Oh Gosh!! I cannot believe that we are about to launch our online store very soon!

At this moment, I am still tying up bits and pieces like payment testing, user registration, yes…yes…slider designing and other stuff…

Now, both my sis and I are very much having mixed feelings …hmmm….excited and yet worried…well, I supposed this is quite normal, right?

I’ve mentioned in our accessories blog that we’ve had two private viewing sessions for our friends during this month (and we are also happy to receive order placements for our nail patch at Qoo10.com during early Oct)  and I am glad  that both ladies managed to pick up something they like.

Needless to say, to see money rolling in does feel good but a greater joy would be seeing people getting things that they actually like…hehehe…

I’ve had a quick check at our sidebar polls and I would like to thank you all those lovely souls who have taken the trouble to let us know what they think. Muahkkkkk~

For readers who have stumbled upon this humble blog of ours, we would appreciate if you can just spend a tiny weeny little bit of your time to take part in this poll.

If you are not aware what a fimo is, do take a quick look at our FIMO COLLECTION page for more information.

Do be assured that I’ve not forgotten about the giveaway thingy, it is always in my mind even when I am spacing out…I will keep you all informed once it is ready for announcement.

I think the latest idea about the give-away might be quite a fun event, i.e. if you all are willing to participate…so do keep a lookout in the near future. 🙂

Now, you must be wondering what is the crafting about? Am I going to make stuff for selling?? Nah…I am not that good with my fingers and I don’t think I am able to sell anything that I make (I don’t even like the food that I cooked, except for instant noodles…lol)

In one of our previous posts, I mentioned about watching videos of people playing a game called ‘Minecraft’ has become my latest interest and now I’ve subscribed to around 6 channels just to watch people building wonderful structures and hmm…killing zombies, spiders and skeletons…ya…they need to do that in survival mode to get stuff from all these nasty creatures.

After watching them built so many wonderful building structures, how I wished I can play and my sis told me that the demo pocket edition is now available for android phones (HIP~ HIP~ HOORAY!!).

Immediately I downloaded it and started playing the game last night until 4 am this morning (needed to stop because my phone was running out of power…hehe) and it is now five minutes to two in the morning as I type and edit this post because I spent the entire morning (even though I slept for only 3 hours) and late afternoon playing this game… 😦

Since this is a demo version, they don’t allow us to save so all my ‘hard work’ cannot be saved once I exited from the game and my eyes were almost in tears when I accidentally pressed the ‘home’ button, loosing my almost successful underwater structure!!!!!!!! 😦

I’ve always wanted to build something inside the sea whenever I watch them play and now I’ve gotten the chance…it is really hard work beating against the sea currents and placing the glass blocks…(my 3 favourite items for building – stairs, glass blocks/panel and fencing).

Tough…but fun…a good way to relief all the tensions before the launch. 😀

The above picture is the screen shot of a new world that I’ve just been spawned into and perhaps I will do another underwater city in this world.

I will try to include some screen shots for the structures that I’ve built in this world in one of our future posts…

So, though we are going to launch soon, silly me is still busy crafting away….lol…

Thank you for being with us during all these while and we hope you all will continue to be with us in the near future…

Till then, have a nice weekend ahead, TTFN~

(mobile phone currently charging…71%…yeah….29% more to go…hehe)