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My baby sis showed me this comic strip once before I started blogging and  I am glad to ‘reunite’ with it via one blog, so I’ve decided to do a re-blog to share with you all.

Are you happy? 

If you are happy and you know it

Do clap your hands and give yourself a big CHEERS!


Hope you all enjoy this re-blog!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~

Yelling Quietly

It always seems that we think we would be happier if we were in different circumstances, but chances are the thing we desire to be probably also desires to be something else too. Being happy in your own company is a huge accomplishment.

We Are Never Happy


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Chasing Those Blues Away~

How time flies, it is Monday again!

I was browsing my personal Facebook and found many funny quotes and statements shared by my lovely friends.

Since today is a Monday, I would love to share them with you lovely souls out there and may them bring a big big smile to you on this lovely day:

Turning On the Caplock

FB Addiction

short Temper

An Apple A day

May you all enjoy them!

Have a great Monday ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN

Since I’ve already did a re-blog in — Share with us —I decided to re-blog the latest post from one of my favourite bloggers — Wanderlass — over here to share with you lovely souls out there. 😀

Read her insightful writings about life while listening to her beautiful singing, isn’t it a great thing to do on the first day of year 2013?

Hope you all enjoy reading this re-blog.

Have a lovely & wonderful 2013!!

Till then,




3 More Days…


Today, we are going to share with you how to make a curtain in 1 minute:



I know, I know, a very crappy joke. *dodging away from flying eggs* 

Save those eggs unless they are rotten…okay? 😛

Here are two nice events that I need to be thankful to…


Someone has re-blogged my ‘Everything Happens for A Reason...” post and since this is the first time my post has been re-blogged, I am very excited. When I followed the link, it was an error page so I am not sure how it works. Anyway, this sweetie has a very nice photo blog, so if you are interested, do check it out at his/her blog.  Here the link to their archive.


I would like to thank katie1094 for the above nomination. I know there is something I need to do but I am not sure what I should do. Anyway, will upload another post for this after checking. If anyone reading this knows what I should do, please drop me an e-mail or post me a comment. Thank you in advance.


Now, back to today’s post topic, which is ORGANIZING.

For the past few weeks, I was reading many blogs with D.I.Y and organizing/housekeeping contents and my guilty conscience kept on tapping my shoulder whenever I stare at my unorganized nail polishes.

So, here’s what I’ve done:

It took me two days to finish those rectangular paper compartments. Despite the truthfulness in my baby sis’ comment, I am still happy to see that my nail polishes are having a ‘room’ of their own. (*clap*clap*)

Till then, have a great weekend ahead~


A Disastrous Beginning…

If I am Homer Simpson, I should be crying out, “DOH!” when I did the first nail art on our newly bought nail wheels.

I know I’ve mentioned that I don’t have time at the moment to do any nail art, but my baby sis wanted to try them out and to make things interesting, we decided to have a mini competition, with our mum as the judge.

What we did is to choose a video tutorial from YouTube and compete each other by doing the same design.

The design we’ve chosen is

Nail Art Tutorial Black & White Butterfly Freehand Design for Short Nails at Home

The lady did the design using 3 methods for the butterfly, first with a butterfly decal, then the stamping method and lastly the freehand method.

Since we do not have any decal (which I am so ~ so ~  going to buy in the near future) and the stamping tools, we painted our butterflies using freehand (yep…using the newly bought nail polish brushes…hehe).

I guess from the title of this post, you ought to know the result…You are correct, it was…


The one with the blue rhinestones is done by my baby sis and mine is the one with a purple rhinestone. As the main part is the butterfly, so I just cropped out the butterfly areas.

So, no winner for this round…*sob*…

No pretty nail arts for this post but do enjoy looking at the other factors in this picture, for example, the nice candles, pretty frames and two cute little skulls…hehehe…

Till then ~ TTFN

Everything Happens For A Reason…so do stay thankful, always…

Once upon a time, there was king.

One day, a flood occurred and it made him very anxious.


His wise and optimistic adviser said.

“This is a good opportunity for you to personally get close to your citizens and provide them with the needed help after the flood. It will raise your popularity.”  

Indeed, the king’s reputation rose because of this.

Months later, a drought occurred.


His wise and optimistic adviser said.

“Now you have another opportunity to help them.”

And of course, the citizens were happy and the country continued to prosper. 

Then came one day when the king lost one of his fingers in an accident.

He felt so devastated that he couldn’t sleep for days. 

“Can you say something good to me so that I won’t feel so sad about the lost finger?”The king asked his adviser.


The adviser chirped out without any hesitation, as always.


The king glared.


And so, the poor adviser was being put into the prison for ‘insulting’ the king. 

Days passed by…

The King was getting bored so he decided to go hunting.

Unfortunately, he was captured by some cannibals and after knowing that he was the king, instead of freeing him, they decided to offer them to their highest power by throwing him into an active volcano crater.

During the cleansing, they were shock to know the king had only nine fingers!!

So they had no choice but to let him go because it was a taboo to eat or offer their highest power with an ‘incomplete’ person.

The king was overjoyed by their decision and ran as fast as his leg could carry him.

When the king reached his palace, he immediately ordered his adviser to be freed from imprisonment for now he finally understood.

“I am so sorry.”

The king apologized in an awkward tone, It must have been tough for you.”


The adviser cried out happily.

“Why is it great when you are suffering?”

The king was confused.

“It is great that you’ve locked me up,” The adviser let out a relieved sigh before continuing , “or else I would have to join you in the hunting trip. You are freed because you’ve only nine fingers, but…I HAVE TEN!”


I’ve become a staunch believer of  the statement “Everything happens for a reason.” after listening to the above story during many years ago and this belief manages to carry me through the ups and downs in life.

Why am I sharing this?

If you’ve read my previous postings, you should probably know that I am now in the midst of purchasing more fashion accessories for our online shop and photo taking is one big problem that I need to overcome.

Although I’ve gotten a nice digital camera from my brother, I am still having a hard time getting the pictures that I needed. Through all the trials and errors experiences from our fimo photo taking, I’ve managed to learn a little, but still not enough for jewelry photographs.

Just last night, I noticed that updated system of my mobile phone has updated the features in their camera apps and after going through them, my eyes brightened up with hopes…err…until 5 a.m. this morning…

THE SYSTEM UPDATE CAME JUST IN TIME TO RESCUE ME…from shamelessly retrieving pictures off our wholesalers’ websites. 

Since I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, this is probably the time to be joyful.  When a person is being joyful, he or she needs to share and here’s one photo which I really like and I hope you will like it too.

One mountain overcame…another yet to overcome, and that is…packing.

Till then~ TTFN