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What’s On The Cracked Counter-top?

We would love to thank a lovely soul

petrel41Dear Kitty. Some blog

for this lovely award nomination.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

If you are interested to know animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts, and much more.

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Also, we’ve received the same award nomination from another lovely soul

Samantha Han @ Bonding Tool


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As a matter of fact, Sam‘s award nomination is meant for Clouds N Cups, Share With Us, but I hope she wouldn’t mind since this award post is dedicated to her and of course, Petrel41 as well because it is via reading their posts regularly that made me decided to do this post, which is about animal and food.

As you know, Friday is always a challenging day for me because I need to cook my own lunch. Since I am not good at cooking, I would normally take instant noodles or simply the leftover oatmeal from breakfast for my lunch.

Last Friday, it was another instant meal but it required a little more ‘skill’ than cooking instant noodles and this is also the first time I am juggling with a camera and spatula while cooking…LOL….

Here’s how the story goes:

My Friday Lunches 1

My Friday Lunches 2

My Friday Lunches 3

My Friday Lunches 4

My Friday Lunches 5

My Friday Lunches 6

My Friday Lunches 7

My Friday Lunches 8

Now, now…you may be asking,

“Okay, we’ve seen enough food, where’s the animal?” 

Here’s a picture about my red-neck turtle:

My Friday Lunches 9

Once again, a big big thank you to the two lovely souls,  petrel41 and Sam Han for this lovely award nomination!

Have a great day ahead, always~ 😀

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~

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