Remember To Bring Your Umbrella…

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Once there was a man who lived with his mother all his life. 

Everyday, no matter rain or shine, his mother would always remind him the same thing before he leaves for work,

“Remember to bring your umbrella.”

“I know, mother…”

The man always responded in a frustrated tone,

“You don’t have to remind me every day.”

Would his mother stop reminding?

Of course not.

The reminder continued despite getting the same responds from her only child.

Until one day, his mother was gone… forever.

A few days after the funeral, the man was ready to get back to his routine life.

Just before he stepped out of the house, he was feeling something amiss…

“Remember to bring your umbrella.”

Tears soon accumulated around his two swelling eyes as he finally realized those five words would never be heard again.


I’ve heard this story many years ago and because of this story, Lovable Mum’s constant nagging and reminders soon became a luxury in my life.

Just two weeks ago, she lost her voice for 4 days and the house seemed almost too…quiet…LOL…

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. ~ Jessica Lange

When my father left the family, Lovable Mum was forced to re-join the workforce after being a full-time housewife for 14 years and only stopped working after I’ve started my first job.

Was life tough during those days?

Yes and no.

Of course, those tough days sometimes made me want to get back to the periods when my father was still around, playing his role as a lovingly husband to Lovable Mum and a good father to us.

However, it was also those same tough days that have strengthened the bond between the four of us during all these years — as a family, a home sweet home, even without the presence of a man in the family (since Bro was still a boy during those days , so I won’t consider him as a man…LOL)

Key With Sweet Home Text Stock Photo

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
~ Barbara Bush

So, this post is a tribute to the woman in my life (even though  she once have this thinking to make me eat oat meal for every meal, everyday….LOL…) who has given my siblings and I a wonderful home sweet home:

PicsArt_1348184404410The above pictures were taken during her birthday during last year and since this happens to be my favourite picture collage, so wanting to share with you lovely souls. I am so happy to get the same blueberry cheesecake for my birthday this year. 😀

Ahh…this post wouldn’t be complete without another installment of Lovable Mum’s flowers, right? Hehehe….

PicsArt_1367041099798The above arrangement is a revised version, using the same flowers from the ones in “Flowers Are Restful To Look At”.

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
~ Mark Twain

I guess, besides Mark Twain, it applies to my Lovable Mum and to the mothers of all the lovely souls out there.

Baby Crying On White Background Stock PhotoSo….Despite all the troubles we’ve given to our mummy dearest…


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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16 responses

  1. Lovely reminder not to take the constant nagging for granted 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading this post, my friend…it’s your day as well, so do enjoy it! Cheers~ 😀

    1. Thank you for reading this post and leaving us this sweet comment. Cheers!! 😀

  2. I hate to love this post..
    make me missed my mom even more..
    i’m gonna make a call, wait she just called me 5 minutes ago….
    Always love mom, the one who barely risk her lifes by delivering us to the world, no one can even pay for that…
    no matter how good you as a child…..

    1. Thank you for reading this post and yes, what will we be without our lovable mom?

      Have a great day ahead, always! Cheers~ 😀

  3. Your posts are reminders (no pun intended) of what is important in life! Thank you. -Angela

    1. Those are also the reminders for myself to follow so that I can always strive to become a better person than yesterday 😀

      Thank you for this motivating comment and thank you very much for your readership support.

      Have a great day ahead, always! Cheers!! 😀

  4. I’ve been lucky enough to have three mothers (not counting MIL). Different times. That’s just the way of it. I remember wondering what it would be like when I became a ‘Mom’ – The shoe now being on the other foot, so to speak.

    One of the hardest things to learn is that you have to wait until your children are older to become their friends, because first you have to be their parent – and they may not always like the choices you make. Saying that you are cold, and because of that they need to put on a sweater is classic. They might not be cold! But as a ‘Mom’ I think you are given that card that says you are allowed to worry. But also remember to enjoy life with mutual respect.

    To all Mothers and children – please work at that respect ‘thing’ it really works!

    Cheers and thanks for your visits.

    1. Aww…thank you for reading this post and sharing with us this insightful comment.

      Have a great day ahead, always!

      Cheers!! 😀

  5. This is my very favorite of your posts of all time!! The story about the man, then followed with your personal story and feelings: priceless! Loved it! Take care, Robin

    1. Thank you for reading this post, my dear friend.

      Yes, this is indeed a simple and yet powerful reminder story for it was etched inside my head and would always pop out during each of my lovable mom’s nagging session…LOL…

      Last but not least, thank you for sharing your love for this story with us as well….Cheers!!! 😀

  6. Aww, sweet post.. 🙂 God bless you & your loved ones.

    1. Thank you for reading this post and leaving us this sweet comment.

      Have a blessed day!! Cheers~ 😀

  7. beautiful post as always. Have an amazing day x

    1. Thank you for reading this post and writing out this beautiful comment. Appreciated it, always~ Cheers!! 😀

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