Just wanting to share this pretty drawing and another lovely song by the Beatles.

Also, if you understand the language, do join in the fun by leaving us the translated version of this quote in English at the comment.

Till then,

Cheers  & TTFN

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Yes, do help me  if you can, but don’t worry, I am not feeling down.


I came across this quote in my FB page and it seems that it is in Portuguese. 

If you’ve been with us long enough, you should know that I would just go CRAZYwhen coming across drawings like this.


What a lovely girl, pretty lotus and not forgetting those cuteee…~ bird and bunny….awww

Hmm, I’ve tried to stay independent by using all the fabulous tools that I’ve found in the web for the translation, apparently, they were not as fabulous as  I thought they would be. 😦

All I can manage figuring out from those individual words in English (after translation) is ‘Free’ or ‘Freedom’?


So, I will have to assume that this is a quote about Freedom?

Do correct us if we’ve misinterpreted it.

If you lovely souls out there who know this language, is it…

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