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Another 4 more days to go and it will be the year 2013 and we are glad to be able to get to know so many lovely souls from all over the world via this humble blog of ours.

I am wondering if you’ve already noticed that we’ve changed the header of this blog from “Clouds N Cups Fashion Accessories” to ‘Clouds N Cups, Share with Us~” .

Thank you very much for brightening our days by reading our blogs, liking our posts, leaving us encouraging and lovely comments, sharing your thoughts and clicking the following button.

Please do not see this coupon as a sales gimmick but as a gift from Clouds N Cups to you for being with us during the past 6 months and hopefully in the coming days, months and years.

This is how you can obtain the coupon code:

  • Send us an e-mail ( with…

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