In My Own World

Just last week, I’ve updated my personal Facebook status to: I LOVE MINECRAFT!!

A friend responded: 

Lol!! Seems that u like to build ur own world. Hahaha

He gave me an idea…ya…why not?

Build my own world…

So, tadaaa!!!!!

Welcome to


The Enhanced world

For this blog, I am starting a new world in creative mode called ‘My Little Minecraft World’ and I will be showing pictures of the things that I’ve done in the bile that I’ve spawned into.

So, if you are interested in what I am up in my own world, do feel free to visit this humble blog of mine and join in the fun!

Till then,



4 responses

  1. I like this idea…would love to see this hit mainstream. From the looks of this you’re quite artistic.

    1. Aww…I am not sure if it will hit mainstream…but I really appreciated this lovely and encouraging comment. 😀

      Do feel free to visit my tiny world sometimes…

      Cheers!! 😀

  2. I must say, creative indeed 🙂

    1. This is really a very noob design for self-entertaining purpose…lol…you should see those beautiful ones and perhaps you might fall in love with this game.

      Thank you for leaving yet another nice comment to cheer us up! Muahkkkk~ 😀

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