Cut it Short

Have you voted for a giveaway event?

If no and you are interested in participating in giveaway events, do spare a little of your time to vote now at our side bar polls.

Thank you in advance!!


Yep, I’ve changed my icon because I’ve my long hair cut short till ear length (the new icon’s hair length is longer but it is okay, my hair will eventually reached there) by my dearest mommy. 😀

She has always been my hairdresser since I was a little girl except for that period when I’ve had my hair rebonded because she did not want to ruin my hair after spending $$$ on making them straight.

The last time I’ve had my hair cut to this length was late last year and I did my own cutting using a razor blade. It took me about 1 or 2 weeks to get to the hairstyle I wanted.

It was my first time and I guess last time that I am doing my own hair cutting because it was a very risky experience (but a good one).

I hope you all will like this new icon for our future ‘be with us’ comic and I will have to cut this post short because I’ve gotten a runny nose (been sneezing all day long, even during the hair cut).

Till then, have a nice weekend ahead and….remember to vote, okie?



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