More Crafting?? Do Bear With Me A Bit…

Oh, is today’s post still on Minecraft?

You are absolutely correct!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh, just before I go blabbering on this topic, I’ve made some changes to our ‘Be with us’ page.

So do have a look and if possible let us know how you feel about this new idea?

Now, let’s get back into Minecraft… ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve mentioned that I’ve always wanted to try building an underwater building structure in my previous post and so here are some of the progresses of my latest attempt (before I accidentally pressed the home button of my mobile phone :()

This is the first phase of the construction in which I have yet to dig down the ground

Now, can you see the difference? I’ve dug around 3 layers down the ground and you can see more of the blue seawater via the glass blocks

The above are the two pictures of that attempt because when I tried to take a screen shot of the tunnel that I’ve dug towards the sea, I’ve…..accidentally….pressed…sob…the home button. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ve spawned into another world…with no water!!! So I decided to work on this piece of floating boulder-like thingy

This is the bottom part (back part) of the boulder, it is a bit messy because I wanted to keep the shape of the original piece of the boulder and yet make it looks like a nice building…hmm…so I used some black blocks to do some outlining…I really sucks… ๐Ÿ˜›

This is the front view of the building.

This is the inside (1st floor) of the building…a bit dim because I placed the torches on the ceiling

As I dug my way up to the top, it was quite narrow and thus I’ve to hack off some of the top area and turned it into a balcony with glass enclosure.

Constructed a bridge to connect with its ‘neighbour’. As a matter of fact, did quite some modifications on this next piece of thingy but…same thing happened before I can take a screen shot of that…sob…

Well, I guess this shall be my first and perhaps last post on my Minecraft construction…(but I will still be playing because now I’ve the actual pocket edition and I can save my work…yippee!!) just wanted to share my joy with you all.

However, if you think this is interesting enough for you and you wanted to see more of my wacky constructions, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to do it just for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

Just skip reading this post if it bores you but do continue to be with us, okie?

Till then,



9 responses

  1. I’ve just started a new minecraft map and just finished my house. with a full glass top floor : D

    1. Wow, you are playing minecraft as well? So great to know this. Are you playing the PC version or the PE version? Thanks for letting me know…cheers!!

      1. i play on the xbox, sadly my computer is a netbook so it’s too small to run the program. I’ve been playing since it was released on xbox but i wanted to play for ages before. I think most of my day has been going on my new house, lol. The endermen are annoying me a lot though, i keep finding them in my house.

      2. Oh, I was planning to purchase the game on xbox before the PE, but I read a review that there isn’t any creative mode for xbox…is that true?? Like what they always say, just don’t look them in their eyes and put up more torches..Cheers!!

      3. I like it, but yes, no creative mode. But it’s not that bad, i’m used to it. My place it lit up like a christmas tree lol, and still endermen, at least no as many creepers spawn though, but endermen still come to visit, i just try to stare at the floor. Annoying moment when i was trying to keep chickens and they took a block of dirt away and they ALL escaped!! Not looking forwards to the enderdragons though, the cave spiders are giving me enough grief as it is already.

      4. Sigh…the creative mode is still not included in the xbox? Sad…coz I don’t think I can play the game using my lappy…there will be enderdragons?? Btw, have u already been to the nether? It think it is a creepy place…

      5. I built the portal from obsidian and visited the portal in my old house in an old game but the game i’ve just started isn’t far enough along yet, but i’ll build a portal soon. The xbox version didn’t have much but it just got an update so has so much moe and another update is coming so it might get creative mode soon.

      6. i’ve just had a look at the newest update and it had creative!!!!!

      7. OMG!!! I was just about to ask you to keep me informed should there be any creative mode update…yes!! Has the update been released? If yes, do let me have your review on the creative mode…thank you for informing me….muahkkkkk! ๐Ÿ˜€

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