Launching Soon But Still Busy With Crafting???

This is what happens when you want to save  $$$ on graphic designing and do it by yourself.

Oh Gosh!! I cannot believe that we are about to launch our online store very soon!

At this moment, I am still tying up bits and pieces like payment testing, user registration, yes…yes…slider designing and other stuff…

Now, both my sis and I are very much having mixed feelings …hmmm….excited and yet worried…well, I supposed this is quite normal, right?

I’ve mentioned in our accessories blog that we’ve had two private viewing sessions for our friends during this month (and we are also happy to receive order placements for our nail patch at during early Oct)  and I am glad  that both ladies managed to pick up something they like.

Needless to say, to see money rolling in does feel good but a greater joy would be seeing people getting things that they actually like…hehehe…

I’ve had a quick check at our sidebar polls and I would like to thank you all those lovely souls who have taken the trouble to let us know what they think. Muahkkkkk~

For readers who have stumbled upon this humble blog of ours, we would appreciate if you can just spend a tiny weeny little bit of your time to take part in this poll.

If you are not aware what a fimo is, do take a quick look at our FIMO COLLECTION page for more information.

Do be assured that I’ve not forgotten about the giveaway thingy, it is always in my mind even when I am spacing out…I will keep you all informed once it is ready for announcement.

I think the latest idea about the give-away might be quite a fun event, i.e. if you all are willing to participate…so do keep a lookout in the near future. 🙂

Now, you must be wondering what is the crafting about? Am I going to make stuff for selling?? Nah…I am not that good with my fingers and I don’t think I am able to sell anything that I make (I don’t even like the food that I cooked, except for instant noodles…lol)

In one of our previous posts, I mentioned about watching videos of people playing a game called ‘Minecraft’ has become my latest interest and now I’ve subscribed to around 6 channels just to watch people building wonderful structures and hmm…killing zombies, spiders and skeletons…ya…they need to do that in survival mode to get stuff from all these nasty creatures.

After watching them built so many wonderful building structures, how I wished I can play and my sis told me that the demo pocket edition is now available for android phones (HIP~ HIP~ HOORAY!!).

Immediately I downloaded it and started playing the game last night until 4 am this morning (needed to stop because my phone was running out of power…hehe) and it is now five minutes to two in the morning as I type and edit this post because I spent the entire morning (even though I slept for only 3 hours) and late afternoon playing this game… 😦

Since this is a demo version, they don’t allow us to save so all my ‘hard work’ cannot be saved once I exited from the game and my eyes were almost in tears when I accidentally pressed the ‘home’ button, loosing my almost successful underwater structure!!!!!!!! 😦

I’ve always wanted to build something inside the sea whenever I watch them play and now I’ve gotten the chance…it is really hard work beating against the sea currents and placing the glass blocks…(my 3 favourite items for building – stairs, glass blocks/panel and fencing).

Tough…but fun…a good way to relief all the tensions before the launch. 😀

The above picture is the screen shot of a new world that I’ve just been spawned into and perhaps I will do another underwater city in this world.

I will try to include some screen shots for the structures that I’ve built in this world in one of our future posts…

So, though we are going to launch soon, silly me is still busy crafting away….lol…

Thank you for being with us during all these while and we hope you all will continue to be with us in the near future…

Till then, have a nice weekend ahead, TTFN~

(mobile phone currently charging…71%…yeah….29% more to go…hehe)

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