What Will Happen If You Give A Group of Children A Bunch of Fimo Slices?


…..Awww….nobody wants to know why I kept changing and editing our pictures….??? 

Never mind, I shall stay positive and wait then….wooahaaaaa~

A few months ago, I was in charge of an one and a half hour lesson for the children. As it was very near to Fathers’ Day, I’ve decided to let them ‘create’ the faces of their fathers using any given materials.

I’ve drawn out blank templates of face shapes and my sis was in charge of drawing all kinds of different eyes, brows, mouths, noses and ears. Other materials like ribbons, stickers and of course, our fimo slices were given to them for decorating purpose.

I was happy to see all the little girls going ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ over the cuteness of our fimo slices and how their eyes would sparkle when I allowed them to bring back the rest of the unused fimo slices.

Without any further adieu, the below are some of their creativity and yet abstracted looking fathers (one really looks like Mr. Potato from the Toy Story):


So, which one is your favourite? Do let me know okay?

Hope you all enjoy reading this post, till then







2 responses

  1. how absolutely delightful and i do agree that beauty is Not just skin deep.. c

    1. Hi Cecilia, thank you for visiting and leaving us this lovely comment. Cheers!!

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