Despicable me nail art!

I don’t really understand the language of this blog but I am attracted to the nail art of these minions. They are so cute and they reminded me of a video I once watched in YouTube.

So for those who have not seen the trailer of this movie which will be aired in 2013, here’s the link:

The Minion Banana Song in 3D

Wanted to embed the video but it just wouldn’t show up…:(

Anyway, hope you enjoy this cuteeeee banana song, but don’t go bananas….hehehe

Till then,


Nice Nail Arts

Laats zag ik de film Despicable me weer eens. Ik vind dit echt een grappige film en die gele poppetjes (minions) zijn zo schattig! Daarom leek me het leuk om deze een keer op mijn nagels te maken.

Kijken jullie mee hoe ik dit gedaan heb?

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2 responses

  1. Wow how nice that somebody liked my nail art so much that they reblog it!:D The language is Dutch, my English is not that good that i can make an item in English.
    But thanks for Reblogging!:)

    1. Oh I see, they are in Dutch. Well, you are being too humble since your English in this comment looks okay to me…my English isn’t that great either. LOL…despite different languages, I guess art itself is an universal language…Cheers!!! 😀

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