Awww…did you notice the ‘glowing’ effect on the stranger? Because of his ‘mistaken identification’ , he had managed to make my heart glow…well at least for that beautiful moment…lol…

Give me a ‘M’ !


Give me an ‘I’!


Give me an ‘A’!


What does it say?

Missing in Action!

I just took a quick check at my record and my last post was in fact 21st Sept. I am so sorry about the 9 days of M.I.A!

Are you all still with me?

I hope so….*gulp*

You there????

Okay…okay…I will just have to presume you all lovely souls are still with me…

I’ve started this post with an beautiful direction asking encounter on a full moon night and decided to share it with you.

If you’ve read my previous post ‘Inspiring Award‘, I did mention that people are always mistaking me for the mother of my baby sister since we are basically 12 years apart.

I remembered when I was only 13 year-old and she was only 1 year-old, I took her out for a stroll and people kept asking me if she was my baby.

Come on, I was only 13 year-old…sad… 😦

When I was 23 year-old, I was with my baby sister when a young girl came and asked me if I am my baby sis’ mother. Of course, I said no but she just wouldn’t believe me. So I asked her to make a guess about my age and she started her guess with…29 YEARS OLD!!!!!

…WHAT THE….*sigh*… 😦

Now, I am 35 year-old and then came a stranger, not calling me by ‘miss’ or ‘madam’… but ‘little girl’…gosh…though I think he might need to do a routine eye-sight check, I am still H.A.P.P.Y…hehehe~ Little Girl…. 😀

Okay, enough of Little Girl…oh, did I just type Little Girl again?

Noo….I’ve already mentioned enough of Little Girl…

…Oops…I did it again…sorry…

I was busy with re-sorting out our fimo designs, a brain-cells-depleting task, and also our other nail art decor because from the polls result from our ‘What is your combination‘ post, it seems that people would prefer having the combination of fimo and other nail art decor.

With this point in mind, I was evaluating if there will be enough stuff for us to launch if we were to provide our customers with this combination. It was really time consuming but I guess I am about to see some lights in my planning and once everything is ready, we’ll have to organize a give-away event for our blog followers, which I’ve mentioned when we’ve had 200 followers during a few months ago (I am truly apologetic about the delay :().

Currently we are getting 300+ followers (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! 🙂  MUAHKKKK!!) and hopefully it will hit 500 by the time we finished?? (Praying very hard….)

Here are some of the little updates for today:

  • Fruits Fimo Page updated with 3 mixed fruit designs for medium and thick cut fimo slices
  • A new page dedicated to nail art decor is up and I’ve included some pictures of our nail art decor.
  • I’ve included a sub-category ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ under the Nail Arts category in which we will place all the nail designs that we’ve chosen to follow so as to improve our nail art skills. I guess this is a good method for practising. Will try to post in this category once I’ve the time to sit down and get my fingers dirty.

Last but not least, do continue to be with us….please…sweeties… 😉

Till then,


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