We’ve a price for our fimo…

When I logged into our blog this morning, the first thing was to click the result of our latest poll…I SEE PERCENTAGE!! 😀

Thank you very much for taking part! Muahkkk~

From the current result, it seems that more people prefer a mixture of nail art decoration,  if you’ve just stumbled upon this humble blog of ours, please spare a few seconds of your time to let us know what you preferred by taking part in the polls as well.

Yesterday, I’ve spent the entire day trying to figure out how to present our nail art decorations  in our website and after several trials and errors, I’ve decided upon the format which you can see in our Fimo Collections – Fruit Fimo. 

Therefore, in order to motivate myself, I’ve decided to revamp our fimo collections and try to categorize them in term of their types e.g. fruits, dragonfly etc.

Also, I’ve included the selling price for each packet and this is also be the price that we will be selling at our online store. If you are interested in any of the designs, just e-mail us your inquiry, okay?

Okay, I’ve got to continue with other work; in the meantime, do continue to be with us.


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