What is your combination?

Minute became hours, hours became days and days became months…this is exactly how time has flown by, so oblivious and yet obvious…

I am tired of the old theme even though I really liked the way how it had presented the pictures, so I’ve changed a new theme for this blog.

Updated another two more slots in our ‘Be with us’ page.

In the meantime, while I am busy with our fashion accessories, I am planning to sell our nail art accessories with a combination of 12 packets in a pack.

Here’s a poll for you to take part in and let me know what is your preferred combination so that I can regroup all my fimo and nail art decor for our online store base on the most preferred combination.

If you are a nail art lover, please do spare some of your precious time and take part in this poll.

Thank you in advance.

Till then, do continue to be with us.


2 responses

  1. I love the new look hun, very streamlined and super easy to read!

    1. Thank you very much…muahkkk~ 😀

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