Oh! The Bulky Ones

I know I’ve been neglecting all my nail thingy but the good news is that I’ve finally managed to clear all the photo editing for the accessories that I’ve had at hand.

Yeah~ High Five~

Just two days ago, I’ve received another two more packages and managed to perform the quality check during this morning. I am glad the quality of the products are good enough to be sold.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to upload our products to our website, unfortunately we’ve encountered some latency issues from our web host and thus I’ve to drop the idea for the day.

So here I am, taking this opportunity to do some updating here.

Yeah~ Another High Five~

Our ‘Be with us‘ page is updated. 

I do hope my next post will be nail related but in the meantime, here’s another D.I.Y project to share with you all:

After packing our accessories, I’ve stored them in office trays meant for storing documents since I don’t purchase too many pieces for each design. The trays are actually good for necklaces with flat pendant designs and simple ring designs but not for those bulky ones.

Like what I’ve done in the past for our nail polishes, I created compartments using brochures or calendars with the sizes customized to the packing of my accessories.

If you are using hard cardboard for the compartments, they are likely to be firmer than those thick brochures or calendars. In order to make them firmer, I’ve secured the sides of the compartments to the box with adhesive tapes so that they won’t collapse so easily.

From the picture above you can see that I’ve created 6 slots for my necklaces and 4 slots (using only 3 compartments) for my rings or even earrings.

Here’s how it looks after I’ve put those bulky accessories inside:

Unlike the nail polishes, the design of each item is facing up so…yes…this means I don’t have to stand up in order to see what item is stored in each compartment.

Yeah~ one last High Five~

Have fun reading, till then…TTFN~





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