Work in Progress

This is my workstation – My lovely lappy, my wonderful ‘weapons’, an unopened package and…hmm…an unpaid bill…hehe

I’ve spent the entire morning taking photos and packing the checked products and now I’ve left with 1 more box to go before the rest arrive!

Happy~ Happy~ Happy~

I will always try to keep my workstation as neat as possible so that the motivation to move on is bigger. Although  it may be time consuming, I think it is much more effective for me.

Okay, gotta go get a quick shower and then I will  need to do the following:

  • Upload a post in our Fashion Accessories Blog
  • Read more blogs (this is supposed to be on-going…hehehe)
  • Make more tags for packing
  • Perform quality check for the products in the unopened package
  • Edit pictures (taken in the morning) for our online page (still in progress)

After finishing the above, I can move on to my fimo thingy~ till then~ do continue to be with us and have a great weekend ahead!




2 responses

  1. shewhisperswords | Reply

    You go bunny! Tackle that to do list!

    1. Thank you Jenni! I will definitely do my best because every time I read your blog, it gives me the power to do so! Cheers!! 😀

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