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Oh Gosh! All these time I’ve been busy with our fashion accessories that I seem to have overlooked our fimo and the giveaway events. Don’t worry, they are still in my to-do list, so I will definitely find time to do them in the near future.

I think I need to set a deadline for myself or else it is like never ending and just this morning, I’ve received another two batches of goods from our suppliers. Yet to go through the quality check as I need to finish off the ones I have at hand~ how I wish there are 48 hours a day!

As I was busying with printing and cutting out more tags for our accessories, I was thinking, why not upload a post for our D.I.Y tags?

As we are just starting up this internet business, most budgets are used for purchasing products and of course, a good packaging important even though we are not in retailing. It is not very cost effective at this stage to print out labels in bulk since from time to time, the designs that we need may differ. For ours, this latest tag picture ‘Be with us’ is actually our third or fourth versions.

Without using a laminating or labeling M-A-C-H-I-N-E (Gosh! I’ve temporarily forgotten how to spell this word and needed to check at the dictionary.com…what is wrong with me??), we can still give our paper tag a glossy and waterproof surface and this is how we do it:

  • Choose your preferred design and insert the picture into a WORD document and then you can do the re-sizing inside the document. Use the table function (without any border) to arrange your label and choose ‘narrow’ for the margin in order to optimize the quantity of label per page. In our case, we are able to print 28 labels in one A-4 size paper.


  • If you want your label design to have different colour backgrounds, you can try using a lighter background label, possibly with a lot of white surfaces so that you can just use different colour papers as your design’s background and this can save you the printer’s colour ink for printing the background.

  • After cutting them into stripes, we will use a transparent masking tape (width: 4.8cm) and paste it over the paper. If you are printing your labels using inkjet printer (like us), this layer can prevent the ink from smearing over time and the label will be more durable.

  • If you are printing your designs on cardboard papers, the label is completed after pasting the masking tape over the paper. Normally I don’t use  A4 cardboard papers because they are more expensive. Therefore, I will buy vanguard sheets, which are bigger and more cost effective, and use them as the base for my paper labels.

Ta~da! It is completed after gluing the label onto the vanguard sheet.

This is our latest packing of our fashion accessories using the tags.

With the layer of transparent masking tape, I don’t have to worry about the wear-and-tear around the holes if repacking is needed.

We hope the above tips are helpful.

Enjoy reading~



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