Inspiring Blog Award

Finally, I’ve the time and brain juice to draft out this official thank-you post for getting the nomination. If I am doing  it correctly,  the to-do list after getting nominated would be as follow:

  1. Thank the nominator
  2. List down 7 fun facts about us
  3. List down another 15 blogs that inspire us

Thank you very much to Katie1094 for this nomination. MUAHKKK~

Through her blog she will share with you her thoughts, opinions, and love for creativity, Hello Kitty, and all things geeky. So, do give her blog a visit. Cheers!!

  • We are from Singapore, the small little red dot on the world map.
  • My baby sis and I are twelve years apart and most of the time, even till today,  I was being mistaken for her mother instead. Just a few days before:

 Courier Man: Are you S? 

Me:  No.

Courier Man: Can I pass this to you instead?

Me: Sure.

Courier Man: Are you her mother?

Me: ….NO!!!

  • My baby sis became a probation officer after graduating from Uni. As she is very much a petite lady, her probationers always had this feeling that they were being lectured by a little girl instead.
  • Although I’ve  graduated with an “Electronic and Computer Engineering” diploma, I’ve spent the last 12 years in a trading firm handling issues that were non-engineering related and another 3 years in the enrichment industry.
  • Both my brother and sister can draw and sing very well, but I just can’t!!!  So sometimes I am really doubting the origin of my birth if not for the strong resemblance to my father.  **Sob**
  • I don’t know why but my students would always say, “Teacher, why are you so funny?” even when I was in the midst of scolding them.
  • Last but not least (Phew…finally…), despite my illness has deprived me of working outside, I am glad it has opened another door for me to see this world in another perspective. Everything happens for a reason! Cheers!!


Without further adieu, the following are the 15 blogs that truly inspired me:

– It always bring a smile to my face to see the cute Nosebody in action!

 – Love all her food posts, they always make my tummy rumble!

– If you are a bento lover, you must definitely visit this blog!

– What is the definition of a supermom? Check out this blog and perhaps you can be one too! I don’t think I can, but love reading it anyway. Cheers!!

Interested in nail arts, running out of nail design or don’t know what nail colours to use? Then make a trip to her world of colours and glitters!! 

– This Poet, traveler, photo blogger will keep you informed about life in Soho NYC, Los Angeles, California and Surround Cities and Countries that the blogger visits.

– She’s  currently using this blog to do the 365 Photography challenge – basically a photo a day for a year. 

– Check this blog out if you are interested in health issues. 

– It’s their goal to show you that beauty can be everywhere.

– This lady likes to wander aimlessly on the internet and find awesome or strange pictures!!

– It’s kind of a fashion and lifestyle blog, but also anything in between that catches her fancy.

– This is a site for Beauty and Fashion tips where she will post her reviews of products, spills her beauty and fashion tips and secrets and where you can even recommend topics!

– She enjoys nature photography as well as natural light portaiture in addition to anything sports related.

– Nice photos and quotes in this blog, enjoy your stay there!!

– Her passion is crochet and photography, but she also loves to cook, make cards, knit – basically anything crafty! 

Have fun reading the above blogs!

Cheers and TTFN~

8 responses

  1. Aww thanks for the shout out! And I know how you feel about singing…*sighs* I like singing. But I just can’t. 😦

    1. You are very welcome…I know, the feeling sucks eh especially when you are aware that it DOESN’T run in the genes….sob*sob*

      Once again, thank you very much for the nomination. Cheers~ always!! 😀

  2. Oh my gosh lady, what kind words, thank you so very very much! Supermom I am not I know, but thank you for letting me be included in such a wonderful list! :hug: And fyi, I can’t sing either! I sound like nails on a chalkboard 😉 Doesn’t stop the love for it though!

    1. You are very welcome, Jenni! Go~ Go~ Supermom! Cheers!!

  3. Annndd…because I hit post comment trying to move the page down..LOL
    CONGRATULATIONS on your award nomination! Your blog is funny and a joy to read, you were my first blog in my reader! Have a great Tuesday Wendy dear!

    1. Aww…so sweet of you! Appreciated. Your blog is sure one inspiring one and I never get tired of reading what you are doing everyday…it seems that your 24 hours are all well-spent! Envy~ Keep up with the good work! Cheers!!

  4. Woah this weblog is great i really like studying your articles. Keep up the good paintings! You realize, many people are looking round for this info, you can help them greatly.

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving this lovely comment. Cheers!

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