Fruit Paradise

It is Monday again and I’ve spent the entire day taking pictures and repacking (for the 3rd time) our fashion accessories.

Initially, I wanted to replace all the label cards but then again, to save the earth (hmm…also to minimize the cost), I decided to reform them instead. The result is quite satisfying but there is still room for improvement.

I’ve updated our Fimo Collections page with the fruit slices and cane pictures that I’ve taken when I first received them, that is why I name this post “Fruit Paradise”.

As I considered them as my virgin designs, I couldn’t bear to delete them from my computer while I was doing my routine picture housekeeping. They kind of bring back those sweet and bitter memories…

Hope you all will enjoy them.

Till then, TTFN~


7 responses

  1. i wanna eat some fimo …

    1. Me too…that’s why I cannot slice those fimo with an empty…thanks for visiting. Cheers!!

  2. Thanks a lot for the likes on my posts. Great to see that people are actually enjoying what I have to offer! Please check back and I will def folllow you as well!


    1. You are welcome! Thank you for visiting as well. Cheers!!

      1. ofcourse! Hope youll stop by soon 😉

  3. I know about trying to get started learning something new that will help you with your passion. Thank you for visiting my blog and “liking” my black n’ white.

    1. You are welcome, you’ve pretty flowers in your blog and I really like them. 😀 Thank you for visiting. Cheers!!

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