A Pleasant Surprise

This is why…

A pleasant surprise from my sweetest baby sis!!!! She bought them during her lunch break. Had tried them on her nails and the top coat simply looked wonderful on her base-coated nails.

As I will be busy with the purchasing of our fashion accessories (x_x) during the next few days and also with the packing of the fimo slices meant for our next giveaway event (I am sorry that it is taking so long because much of the time was spent on revamping this blog and I need to revamp our fashion accessories blog as well), I will try to update at least our “Be with us” page.

Thank you for being with us!

Till then, TTFN~  

3 responses

  1. shewhisperswords | Reply

    Aww! What a wonderful little sister you have!

    1. She can be a sweetie sometimes. As we are 12 yrs apart, I sometimes see her as a daughter rather than a sis. 🙂

      1. I have that issue in reverse, I am 13 years from my nearest sister and 14 and 15 respectively from my other two siblings, so I am much the baby in our family.

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