After almost 3 months of blogging, the intention of setting up this blog is no longer about just sharing our fimo collections.

Besides blogging, I’ve been reading many other blogs and I am truly inspired by so many of them.

Nail arts, drawings, comics,  fashions, D.I.Y projects, photo takings and even foods (yummy!!).

Therefore, rather using cncfimo as our display name, we’ve decided to change it to ‘BeWithUs’ because it is always nice to learn that we are not alone. 😀

Here are some of the updates for our pages:

  • We’ve added a new page ‘Be with us’ which is an ‘About’ page for Clouds N Cups. Instead of getting wordy, we’ve decided to present them in simple comic form, recording all the moments we’ve had throughout this little venture of ours. We do hope you will enjoy reading them.
  • There will be a new page recording all our future events like giveaway events, naming events etc. Remember to look out for them.
  • The ‘Individual Selection’ and ‘Assorted Selection’ are now merged into one page, which is the  ‘Fimo Collections’ page. All new fimo designs will be posted on this page.

Gotta get really busy with 2 coming events, so do remember to look out for them.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here.


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