Don’t be Blue, Stay Cute…

Blue is one of my favourite colours and thus I decided to try out two blue colours on my nails. Unfortunately, besides painting my nails blue (x3), my mood was painted blue as well.

It was the day I FINALLY realised why those previous few nail designs were getting small lumps after applying the top coat polish.

The reason is simple…



Did you see the ‘x3’?

Yes, it took me 3 tries….why?


Sad…now, I’ve no more usable top coat polish BUT I am just tooooooooo lazy to go and get one.

Must get one soon….must get one soon…..

How ironic life can be sometimes, wanted a cute and simple design and yet, giving me blue moods because of it….anyway, here’s the outcome from this ironic learning experience:

Can you notice the uneven surface?  Trust me, that was the best I could with THE CONTAMINATED TOP COAT..(*sob*sob*).

No top coat polish applied to the other 4 nails since I was convinced that they looked nicer without it.

By the way, did you also notice two tiny round blobs? They used to be two sparkling light blue 2mm rhinestones but after 3 tries, they became two blobs (*sob*sob*)….poor rhinestones…don’t be sad…you still rock, even as a blob!!!

Material used:

  • Colour – Baby Blue, Blue & Silver glitter
  • Nail Art Decor – 1 thick-cut pink ribbon fimo and yes, two 2mm light blue rhinestones (*Sob*)




8 responses

  1. pretty pretty:-) Appreciate you stopping by foodforfun. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for visiting too, cheers!!!

  2. awww. Pretty nail design!! my heart goes out to the two rhinestones. 🙂

    So how do you know when your top coat is contaminated?? Any guidance??

    1. On behalf of the two rhinestones, I would like to say “THANK YOU!!”

      Actually, I am still an amateur in the world of nail arts and there are so many things to learn through reading, asking and of course unpleasant experiences.

      When your top coat stops giving you the glossy surface, becomes so sticky that it starts damaging all your nail arts, you should dump it into the bin.

      I guess the problem lies with the quality of my top coat as my sister bought it for only $2.00…hehehe… So for my next top coat, I should buy at least a medium range priced one. 😛

      I am not sure if the above helps, just some realizations from this nasty experience of mine.

      Thank you for visiting!!

  3. love the baby blue color!

    1. Thanks for visiting and liking the colour. Cheers!!

  4. The glitter was still pretty! We have about four bottles in the last three months that did that crap to us, and they were all super cheap bottles(not cheap as in I got a deal, cheap as in they’re not well made). So I concur, cheap doesn’t always equal quality when it comes to your nails.

    1. You bet! I totally agree with u!

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