Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!

As I was checking the poll for the preferred fimo designs, I noticed that nobody selects “fruit”. So, I took the liberty to search for some fruit nail  arts from the Pinterest and found some designs to share with you all. These designs belonged to their respective creators and hopefully I am able to upload another nail design using fruits fimo done by myself.Also, I’ve found some fashion accesories (from Pinterest) made out of fruit fimo and they are super cool! How I wish I can create those nice accessories in the near future..tsk…tsk…so many things to learn, so many things to practise, so many things to do….gosh…anyway, here’s the picture of the compliation and yes, they all belonged to their respective creator(s) (whom I really envy… ^_^).

If you like to read more of these compliation on other fimo nail designs, do let me know.

Last but not least, I decided to organise a giveaway event for our fruit fimo slices. I know we can easily purchase any fruit fimo canes on websites and they are really nothing new. However, as I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, all the fimo slices are cut, sorted, packed with all my heart, hoping to see more smiles than frowns on the faces of all our valued customers.

As a matter of fact, my sister told not to continue with this fimo merchandise and to concentrate on other nail art decorations instead since it is really an effort and time consuming task. But…but…I really do enjoy the entire process and whenever I would feel good whenever I am able to update my fimo catalogue.

There is a saying “No pain, No gain” right?

So, is the fruit fimo giveaway a good idea? Do let me know. If the response is positive, I shall save some of our fruit fimo slices (feather cut, thin cut and thick cut) for the giveaway and hopefully those who will receive the fimo slices are able to do a design and e-mail them to me so that I can upload them in the blog.

Well, let me know okay?

Here are the coming updates for the next few posts:

  • The last 12 designs for the feather cut fimo are finally ready and I am now doing the sorting and packing for the thin cut fimo. Since most designs for thin cut fimo are a repetitive of the the feather cut, I decided to sort them out in term of their colours so as to present you all with different views/perspective. Currently I’ve finished sorting out the green ones and will upload them together with the last 12 feather cut designs. If possible, I will try to sort and pack another colour, hopefully to upload them together.
  • I’ve done another nail art design using two type of blue colours and 1 thick-cut fimo during last week. Will upload the design up soon.
  • Possible fruit fimo giveaway? It is entirely up to you all to decide, so let me know whether it is feasible by leaving a comment for this post. Thank you in advance!!

In the meantime, do enjoy the pictures !!


4 responses

    1. Thank you for loving it! Appreciated. 🙂

  1. Hey! Thanks for the likes on my new blog! You were the first 😀
    And these little fruity things are super cute!!!

    1. You are welcome! Love the designs of those rings and bracelets! Keep posting and I will sure check them out! Thank you for visiting and leaving down this nice comment. Cheers!!

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