Feather Cut Fimo Slices with Beads of Sweats….

It has been nearly 1 month since I last posted. Gosh~ what was I doing during all these while?

CUTTING & SORTING FIMO SLICES (Phew!)…and finally, everything is in order. I guess you should have noticed that I’ve removed all the pages in this blog and replaced them with two new pages. Yep~ all the efforts in cutting, sorting, photos taking (yes, all the fimo pictures were taken from the actual products and not from our supplier) of our fimo are now presented to you all on these two new pages.

Currently, we are selling our feather cut fimo slices in http://list.qoo10.com.sg/g/406025773 at affordable pricing and good bargains. Instead of giving out free gifts for the first 20 customers, free gifts will be included in every purchase!!

Please visit us if you are interested in purchasing them. Thanks!


Each and every slice is  personally handpicked to ensure they are having the same thickness. We will also be featuring our thin-cut fimo slice in the near future (which is also good for nail art design if you prefer a more 3D effect from the fimo and also, they can be used for other arts and crafts purpose).

Last but not least, I’ve done another simple nail art design for my aunt who visited me two weeks ago and I will post it up very soon.

Do give us a ‘like’ if you enjoy browsing through our fimo catalogues. Currently I am still working on more designs and will upload them as soon as I’ve them ready.



2 responses

  1. I used to do fimo accessories back in high school 🙂

    1. I’ve seen a lot of fimo accessories in other blogs and how i envy those ppl who can do it.

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